Decisions Decisions - by Fred Carmichael

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Decisions Decisions by Fred Carmichael Buy Decisions Decisions on Amazon

Comedy, Short Play / 3m, 1f. This funny and bittersweet play catches a moment in the life of Troy Watkins, an indecisive single woman in her thirties who lives alone in New York City. She meets an intriguing stranger in the park, a man who looks like a tramp but obviously is well educated. What has reduced him to his current state? Drugs? Financial difficulties? Crime? As they share thoughts and get to know each other, Troy decides to trust him. Is she right or wrong? The answer lies in a very funny yet poignant conclusion.

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Decisions Decisions on Paperback Decisions Decisions on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1999

Buy Decisions Decisions on Amazon Buy Decisions Decisions on iTunes



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