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Creating Your Own Monologue - by Glenn Alterman

Creating Your Own Monologue by Glenn Alterman

• Clear how-tos for writing unique material, form monologues to onel-person shows

• Empowering, enlightening, easy to use

In the second edition of this popular guide, actors learn to use their skills to write monologues, performance art pieces, and one-person plays. Updated to include exclusive interviews and tips on marketing, this guide helps actors create their own exciting performance opportunities and follow in the footsteps of Elaine Stritch, Billy Crystal, John Leguizamo, and other stunningly successful writer-performers of one-person shows. The author, an award-winning actor, breaks down the writing process into simple steps, coaching the reader through each stage of the creative journey.

Available On:
Creating Your Own Monologue on Paperback

Publisher: Allworth Press

Released: 2005

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