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Circus Animals' Desertion - by Don Nigro

Circus Animals' Desertion by Don Nigro

Full Length, Comic Drama 3 m, 4 f Unit set Set in the early 1940's, this funny play tells the eerie story of frustrating, neurotic and irresponsible but resilient and strangely appealing Becky Armitage. This young lady leaves a trail of chaos but always manages to land on her feet. Because her mother died when she was born, she was raised by aunts who do not know what to do with her. Nobody will tell her who her father is. When the DeFlores carnival comes to town, she is seduced in the hall of mirrors by Romeo DeFlores. He skips town leaving her pregnant. She marries the town librarian and he is a good father to her child, but when the carnival returns she conceives another child in the labyrinth of mirrors and her gentle husband begins to lose his mind. An addition to the author's Pendragon plays, this moving play features characters that also appear in Chronicles and November. In the series the Pendragon Plays

Available On:
Circus Animals' Desertion on Paperback Circus Animals' Desertion on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2002

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