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Life Cube Project Premieres At Virtual Burning Man 2020


The Virtual Life Cube provides a venue for visitors to write their goals and dreams, and share their artistic, creative contributions.

Life Cube Project Premieres At Virtual Burning Man 2020

The creators of Life Cube Project have announced that they are creating the most far-reaching, interactive and collaborative art installation in the world. The Virtual Life Cube is designed to surround the planet Earth, and provides a venue for visitors to write their goals and dreams, and share their artistic, creative contributions.

"This project has made a HUGE impact on people's lives in the physical world," said Scott Cohen, the artist who founded the Life Cube Project. "We realized that this particular moment in time offers the opportunity to recreate the Life Cube experience in a virtual environment. More than ever before, we can inspire millions of people around the world to become 'part of the art'."

David Chadwick, a Solutions Architect at NBCUniversal Media, has enthusiastically joined the team, contributing his expertise to design a technological framework for the project, much like the architects who helped design and build previous Life Cubes: "I am excited to be a vision driver for the Virtual Life Cube. This is an IT Architect's dream project!" he said.

"The Life Cube is unique! It's a different type of art: ephemeral, interactive and intensely collaborative." added Cohen. "Our team is working together virtually and as always, (even more so in today's world) we welcome volunteers to join this life-changing venture, applying their skills, expertise, and energy toward making magic happen."

The Life Cube Project was born and first presented at Burning Man in 2011, and after several successively larger and more creative installations in subsequent years, culminated in its being selected as a 24-foot high Black Rock Arts Honorarium Project in 2015. Concurrently, the Life Cube Project began connecting art and community in civic environments across the country, and has been featured as a major public art installation in Las Vegas, El Paso, Reno, New York City and Miami Beach, among others, involving over 100,000 participants and hundreds of artists and performers.

The Virtual Life Cube Project measures 10,000 miles long with a framework 750 miles wide encompassing columns and pillars surrounding the planet Earth. It brings together talent and dedication that knows no boundaries. Actress and noted performer Maria Cina of Los Angeles is Programming Manager for the installation at Virtual Burning Man. From her perspective, "like all artists, the extraordinary artists at the Life Cube manifest dreams with each piece of art, with each performance... becoming something we weren't before, and realizing our vision."

The Life Cube Project is based on the artist's belief that if you write your goals, dreams, wishes, and aspirations the chance of them happening is much, much higher. "The act of putting pen to paper and finding words for one's own ambitions flips on some deep-rooted switch for action," said Cohen, who grew up in challenged circumstances in upstate New York. Like its offline predecessors, the virtual Life Cube will offer three means for participants to become part of the art: write down and post your goals and dreams, create and contribute creative art, and express yourself on the virtual blackboard walls.

A streamlined beta version of the online Life Cube will premiere as a featured art installation at Virtual Burning Man this year, from Monday, August 31 - Monday, September 7, 2020. Interested visitors and itinerant wanderers can find the Life Cube Icon on the 'Playa' at Mysticverse and SparkleVerse, and can engage with the project by simply logging their goals and dreams on an attractive interactive web interface. Check out the Live Event schedule while you're there! Begin your journey at a??http://www.kindling.burningman.orga??.

Artist Scott Cohen is also known to the theater world as a playwright, having authored short plays presented at theater festivals and the full-length play "Life List", currently being read and workshopped by ScriptReaders in London, UK.

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