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Student Blogger: Drew Eldridge


Student Blog: Lolita, My Love: How a Script Killed a Score
March 15, 2021

In my opinion, the show was in a constant state of confusion. John Barry's score was extremely 70's jazz-funk inspired. The songs were all akin to pop songs, except for a small few. Lerner's lyrics were quite good, but with a lackluster score they became bland. The script was the biggest problem.

BWW Blog: Ivy Austin - A Woman of Many Voices and Many Hats
February 19, 2021

There are few performers who can be declared a “triple threat” talent. Ivy Austin is undoubtedly one of them. Austin is a star of stage, radio, and the recording studio, and has been involved with smash hits including “Grease 2,”“A Prairie Home Companion,” and “Sesame Street” where she has recorded with The Muppets since the show’s inception!

BWW Blog: CARRIE - THE MUSICAL: The People's Musical
February 3, 2021

I believe it’s original advertisement sums up the history of the musical quite well. “There’s Never Been a Musical Like Her'-- there has never been a musical like Carrie.