Pauline Vella

Pauline Vella

Pauline has been involved in theatre for a scary 62 years with her first performance on stage being a surprise “to her parents” appearance on stage with the Irish Singer Patrick O’Hagen.


School musicals and Community Theatre followed which led to a career in the thriving Cabaret scene  in Auckland, and occasionally through New Zealand,  followed by five years travelling New Zealand and Australia in Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar.


After taking time out to star in her best two productions to date, raising two sons, she returned to performing,  singing and a new love, Directing and has been extremely busy for the past 19 years.


She has a firm belief in the mental health benefits of singing for everyone and participation in Community Theatre for children and adults, and is passionate about sharing her love of “ making stuff up” with her kids theatre group, her Singing pupils, through tutoring at StarJam and mentoring other Director’s and Production Managers. 


Pauline has shared her expertise in running a community theatre with both Auckland Music Theatre, where she served as Tresurer, then Chairperson and Playhouse Theatre Inc. where she is the current President.