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Jose Simbulan


How To Break Into Audition Pianist Work In NYC
January 16, 2020

Even though so much of our daily interactions and communications currently take place via our computers and smartphones, there is still so much of this business that is built on face-to-face meetings, or at least voice-to-voice conversations. One of the keys to breaking into the audition pianist circuit is knowing how to use digital resources to set up analog meetings. Thankfully, most digital resources are accessible for free via your computer and/or your smartphone - just like this BWW column that you are reading right now.

How To Prepare Your Audition Book: Working With Accompanists
December 4, 2019

When BWW asked me to come up with a guide on 'How To Prepare Your Audition Book,' I was more than happy to oblige. The following bits of advice and at-the-piano and behind-the-table wisdom have been distilled from my 30+ years of playing auditions. While I make no claim stating that 'my way' is 'the only way,' 'the right way,' I can safely say that much of what I share below has been discussed with many other audition pianists over the years, and we are all in agreement on many of the topics.