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Guest Blogger: Steve Blanchard - Page

Guest Blogger: Steve Blanchard Steve Blanchard - (Broadway) Made his Broadway debut in the 1984 short lived revival of The Three Musketeers. He then played Lancelot to Robert Goulet's Arthur in Camelot, and Fred in A Christmas Carol starring Ben Vereen. For over 11 years he starred in Beauty & the Beast as both Gaston and for the last 8 years of the run, the Beast. (Nat'l Tours) In 1981, he played the title role in Hans Christian Andersen across the U.S. and in 1987 as an understudy, Steve went on opening night in Los Angeles to tremendous acclaim as Miles Gloriosus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum starring Mickey Rooney. He then spent over 2 years as the Phantom in Ken Hill's original version of Phantom of The Opera, then two years with Mr. Goulet in Camelot. He has co-starred as Pa with Melissa Gilbert as Ma in the original cast of Little House on the Prairie and toured throughout Japan in West Side Story. (Off-Broadway) Steve created the role of the Creature in Frankenstein, and the title role in Johnny Guitar. He also appeared as the father in An Oak Tree, and John Flask in Moby Dick. (Regional) In 2011 & 2012, Steve starred as the Grinch in How The Grinch Stole Christmas at the Old Globe in San Diego, and with Ms. Gilbert, he co-starred at Minnesota's Guthrie Theatre in Little House on the Prairie. In addition to creating the role of Phoebus in the Hunchback drama Esmeralda at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, and creating the role of Nanki-poo in the swing/jazz Hot Mikado at D.C.'s Fords Theatre, He has also starred as Julian Marsh opposite Loretta Swit in 42nd St. at Houston's Theatre Under the Stars, and as Lt. Cable with Robert Goulet in South Pacific at Atlanta's Theatre of The Stars. (TV) Steve has been featured in episodes of Third Watch, Law and Order, Ed, Cupid, Police Story, Sunset Beat, The Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Another World, and Rapmaster Ronnie for HBO. (Recordings) Steve can be heard on original cast recordings of Frankenstein, Johnny Guitar, Sundown, and his own CD, Northbound Train. Visit



BWW Blog: Steve Blanchard of Old Globe's GRINCH- A Whoville Christmas
December 27, 2012

Holiday greetings from Whoville!! Hope all was green and Grinchy! We left it all on the field last week, and the crowds were fantastic! The crew did their annual thing of dressing up on Christmas Eve. There were elves, angels, a Santa and a polar bear running the show. Only in Whoville! Lil' Ren Who spent a lot of time in the house last week.

BWW Blog: Steve Blanchard of Old Globe's GRINCH - Autistic Show
December 22, 2012

Whoville was an awesome place to be on the 15th of December. It was the day of our autism-friendly show for all family members. What a fantastic show! The house was rockin' and everyone had a blast. You could feel the joy of all the families sitting back and watching their loved ones having a ball. When the company comes down the aisle near the end, one of the kids grabbed Nancy Snow-Carr who plays Auntie Who. She said the joy in their eyes was so much she feared she'd miss her entrance, but didn't want to leave. We all felt it big time. Our hearts were all swelled up!

BWW Blog: Steve Blanchard of Old Globe's GRINCH - Thoughts on CT Tragedy
December 19, 2012

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all the families touched by the events in CT. Yesterday our director, James Vasquez, was so emotional at our rehearsal for the autism-friendly performance. He said how lucky and blessed we are to be able to give to these wonderful children and to be in a production that can touch so many people.

BWW Blog: Steve Blanchard of Old Globe's HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS - More Grinchy News
December 12, 2012

Grinchy greetings from Whoville! Another seven show weekend in the books. We had our 15th anniversary celebration last week. A fantastic show indeed. So many sweet theatre donors came up to me and asked if any of that which they just saw was improved or was it in the script. Well .. . one never knows night to night what that script really says. Shhhhhh . . . it's a Grinchy secret!

BWW Blog: Steve Blanchard of Old Globe's GRINCH - Who is Carol? And Why is She Linging?
December 8, 2012

This is what I said as I was in agony over the Who's Christmas caroling. I was so pleased with myself, I misjudged the distance of the cave wall and bloodied my nose! (I bang my head against the cave wall when they sing.) Just another lil' tradition I started last year. In last year's production, I broke a Christmas present on my head, instead of my foot, and bloodied my forehead! Woo-Hoo! Little Cindy-Lou Who looked at me with eyes the size of a planet. I spent the next 10 minutes onstage trying not to get blood on her dress. I didn't want the folks in wardrobe mad at me! Speaking of which, did you know how to get blood off of any fabric? Spit on it! Only your saliva will work on your blood. Thanks to the brilliant ladies and gentlemen of wardrobe in the theatre for teaching me that! And a special thanks to Beth Merriman for always making me look comfy, green and Grinchy!

BWW Blog: Meet Steve Blanchard of the Old Globe's HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS - Blessed with Baby
December 5, 2012

Hey y'all. Greetings from sunny San Diego. And thanks to BroadwayWorld for letting me ramble for a few weeks. I'm here at The Old Globe, which by the way is a FANTASTIC place to work! For all the actors out there who've not had a chance to come here, RUN, don't walk! The folks here are very sweet and the theater is so well run and efficient. It's actor utopia. My wife, Meredith Inglesby, and I came out here last year to do Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and fell in love with the place. Meredith played Reno Who and I was the grumpy green thing. So I guess we didn't stink it up too bad 'cause they asked us back this year. The only change being Mere was a little pregnant and would probably drop the little 'Who' on opening night. So she's sittin' this one out, and I am proud to announce that little Victoria Warren Blanchard popped out on Nov. 30! Mere was so amazing!