Guest Blogger: Abigail Shapiro

Guest Blogger: Abigail Shapiro



BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - A LITTLE PRINCESS
September 16, 2014

Hello Broadway World! Have you purchased our CD yet? I still can't believe that it's out, and that we've reached my final guest blog for Broadway World! Now I know some of you may be wondering what comes next for the Shapiro Sisters after completing our series of cabaret at 54 BELOW, and releasing our CD. There are a few very exciting projects we have in the works

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - Creating our SHAPIRO SISTERS: LIVE OUT LOUD - LIVE AT 54 BELOW CD
September 11, 2014

Creating our "Shapiro Sisters: Live Out Loud - Live at 54 BELOW" CD Hello Broadway World! Our CD is officially available today!!!! I can hardly believe it. The creation of our CD was a new and exciting process for my sister and I and I'd love to tell you more about it!

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - CD Release Concert and LES MISERABLES
September 3, 2014

Hello Broadway World! Our fourth cabaret at 54 BELOW went really well! Milly and I had such a great time-we had the chance to perform with some of our favorite actors, Ben Thompson, who Milly shared the stage with in Matilda The Musical, and the incredibly talented Laura Osnes who originated the title role in Cinderella. We got to try out some new material, including a medley in which we sing duets together with bits of choreography included which was a bit nerve-wracking but I think it paid off-the audience seemed to really enjoy the show.

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - Adventures in Connecticut - Hosting and Judging
August 28, 2014

Today is the day of our show! Both Milly and I are beyond excited to be returning to 54 BELOW, and both of us can't wait to perform all of the new pieces to the show.

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - Creating Our 4th Performance at 54 BELOW
August 26, 2014

Creating our 4th performance at 54 BELOW

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - No Bully
August 21, 2014

Hello Broadway World! Our 54 BELOW concert to launch our debut album is coming closer and closer! You can purchase tickets here: We've decided to donate part of the proceeds of our CD and concerts to No Bully. Many people have been asking Milly and I about how we came to be involved with the No Bully organization and its specific purpose. Well, to those who were wondering, here's some more information on what they do and why we got involved.

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - Supporting Creativity In Lake George
August 19, 2014

Hello Broadway World! Both my sister and I are returning to 54 BELOW for a performance on August 28th where we'll be promoting our upcoming CD (which will be released on September 9th)! I can't believe how quickly the date is approaching--we've been preparing, adding new songs, and so much more. Our schedule is packed, and has been packed since we've returned to NY...and we LOVE it!!!

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - Sister, Sister Act
August 14, 2014

Hello Broadway World! As you may know, my sister and I have been performing at 54 BELOW, and today, I'm going to tell you a bit about our experience. When I first heard about the opportunity to perform at the famed supper club 54 BELOW, I was thrilled! Both my sister and I have always wanted to do some kind of sister act together professionally (well, at least more professional than the shows we subjected our parents to in our living room growing up).

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - SIDE SHOW at the Kennedy Center in DC
August 12, 2014

"Vacation, all I ever wanted!" to quote the Go-Gos. After our most recent series of concerts at 54 BELOW, and once school was out, we finally went on vacation. To kick off our newly discovered free time, we took a road trip to visit friends and family in our old hometown of Tampa, Florida, making a pit stop at our nation's capital along the way for the night.

BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro on 101 DALMATIONS in Newtown, CT
August 8, 2014

Hello, Broadway World! I'm Abigail Shapiro and I'm so excited to be a Broadway World blogger this month. I'm originally from Tampa, FL, but I moved to New York City with my mom and my sister, Milly, when I got the role of Cindy-Lou in Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Milly got the role of Matilda in Matilda, The Musical after our very first Broadway auditions. Both my sister and I are so lucky and grateful to be able to pursue our dreams as performers. And here we are now--I'm actually blogging for Wow! And in the same company as some of my Broadway idols, including Andrea McArdle, who I had the chance to perform on stage with recentlybut more on that later. Not too long ago, I was a Broadway fanatic pouring through this very website, and so much has happened since then. I am truly honored to be a blogger this month and I hope you enjoy the experiences I share with you over the next couple of weeks.