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Greg Kerestan

Greg Kerestan

A long-time BWW regular, Greg Kerestan is proud to join the staff of his favorite website. Greg is a graduate of Duquesne University and Seton Hill University, where he studied both theatre and English. When not working for Social Security Disability, Greg freelances as an actor, writer and composer. His past musicals include "In Control," "Night of the Living Musical," and "Tink!," which won Outstanding Family Musical at the 2016 New York Musical Festival.


Review: FRONT PORCH CABARET Reunites Old Friends at Front Porch Theatricals
November 30, 2022

Front Porch announces a season of Finn and Sondheim, in an evening of song and stories. As far as I'm concerned, if you want to measure the pulse of the Pittsburgh theatre scene, you will feel it the most intensely and regionally in Front Porch. The company's mission to produce exciting musicals specifically highlighting the talents of Pittsburgh-area artists makes it feel somehow organically part of the community; much as I love seeing the talents of major Broadway stars at Pittsburgh CLO every years, there's a thrill in seeing a Front Porch show and knowing 'all of this was made here.' Though Front Porch's impresario and producer Leon S. Zionts passed away several years ago, he has remained an active member of its creative community, as the shortlist of shows he crafted with fellow producers Bruce E. G. Smith and Nancy D. Zionts continues to guide the company's mission statement forward.

Review: HADESTOWN Exceeds the Hype at Benedum Center
November 20, 2022

The gritty folk-opera sensation isn't the second coming of Hamilton, it's the second coming of RENT.

Review: FRANKENSTEIN Resurrects a Classic at Prime Stage
November 11, 2022

What did our critic think of FRANKENSTEIN at Prime Stage? I'm a lifelong horror buff, devouring the Famous Monsters of Filmland on celluloid and printed page, as well as the artsy, philosophical 'elevated horror' that has become a literary and cinematic movement in the last decade. Both the schlocky and the thoughtful branches of horror can both trace their roots back to the shadow cast by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and its innumerable adaptations. For whatever reason, her novel itself has never been a favorite of mine, though I love the way she bucked convention and gender roles to invent literary science fiction and elevated horror. Maybe it's because Frankenstein has transcended being a character on the page in a story with a beginning and end, and become a genuine folk icon. Even a perfect adaptation of Shelley's novel will feel incomplete because the idea of Frankenstein is now so much bigger than the text of Frankenstein. Here, science fiction writer Lawrence C. Connolly and director Liam Macik thread the needle of the Frankenstein myth in an adaptation that stays unusually true to Shelley's novel but nods to sources beyond.

Review: FROZEN Is an Icy Blast at Benedum Center
October 13, 2022

Disney's biggest 'princess show' ever is weirder and more fun than you remember. When Frozen fever hit a decade ago, it was inescapable. No matter how you felt about Anna, Elsa and Olaf, they were quickly overexposed. Bizarre Frozen merchandise is still on the shelves to this day- Frozen cereal, Elsa shirts with no-context phrases like 'Hashtag selfie!' Olaf himself has become a Christmas character, and lawn Olafs have nearly replaced Frosty decorations. 'Let It Go' was a surprise pop hit, and propelled theatre actress Idina Menzel into a new life as 'Adele Dazeem,' movie regular and internet meme. Naturally, a Broadway musical was inevitable. The question is, given Disney musicals' track record of falling between brilliance and mediocrity, how would Frozen do?

Review: GRAND HOTEL Seasons Melodrama with Melody at Front Porch Theatricals
August 24, 2022

The New Hazlett is the perfect place for this sophisticated, wildly ambitious, almost overstuffed, musical soap opera.

Review: Pittsburgh CLO's SISTER ACT Brings Disco Delight at Benedum Center
August 14, 2022

What a way to end the season- a toe-tapping, hilarious disco throwback.

Review: Pittsburgh CLO Slightly Reinvents GODSPELL at Benedum Center
July 19, 2022

Pittsburgh's greatest musical theatre creation comes home, in a production that's something old, something new. If you're going to talk about musicals in Pittsburgh, let alone musicals FROM Pittsburgh, the story is ultimately going to revolve around Godspell. Created by bookwriter John-Michael Tebelak as his master's thesis at CMU circa the early 1970s, the musical quickly headed to Off-Broadway, with a brief Broadway run and a historic Toronto production that formed that roots of the seventies sketch comedy scene. Soon, there was a movie, and after that point, the little Jesus-clown musical from Pittsburgh was a worldwide sensation. Pippin, which shares composer Stephen Schwartz, had a similar Pittsburgh-to-Broadway trajectory, but a show as niche and nihilistic as Pippin will never be able to compete with the mix of loose hippie vibes, vaudeville throwbacks and old-time religion that give Godspell its heart.

Review: LEND ME A TENOR Brings Classic Laughs at Saint Vincent Summer Theater
July 14, 2022

What did our critic think? A local institution reborn post-pandemic, the summer farce at Saint Vincent returns with a bang. When people think of summer stock, there's a mental image of college students and outdated hoofers, sometimes even a former TV star, sweating their way through outdated musicals involving straw hats and canes.

Review: Pittsburgh CLO's KINKY BOOTS Makes Everybody Say 'Yeah!' at Benedum Center
July 12, 2022

What did our critic think? This kicky, soulful musical comedy may be slightly outdated already, but it's got heels full of heart.

Review: PUFFS Provides Hilarious, Filthy Fun at CLO Cabaret
July 11, 2022

The adult-oriented evening performances of the Potter parody are a gut-busting mix of improv, nostalgia and theatre magic.

Review: Pittsburgh CLO's THE DROWSY CHAPERONE Produces an Unexpected Understudy at Benedum Center
June 29, 2022

What did our critic think? This 'good musical about a bad musical' is full of surprises, and none greater than the Saturday matinee.

Review: NUNSENSE Proves a Hard Habit to Break at Saint Vincent Summer Theater
June 18, 2022

It may be a product of its time, but what a surprisingly weird, subversive show it can be.

BWW Review: ROCK OF AGES Burns Down the House at The Lamp Theater
June 14, 2022

What did our critic think? Split Stage continues to provide a haven for adult-oriented semi-pro theatre. The plot, overly convoluted by design, parodies eighties movie comedies with a 'let's save the rock venue' stream of cliches that get mercilessly savaged. Wannabe rocker Drew (Gabe DeRose) can't seem to make a love connection with nubile waitress Sherrie (Raegan Hochman), while German real estate developer Hertz (Hank Fodor) and his effeminate son Franz (Caleb Feigles) attempt to turn the Sunset Strip into a strip mall. All this mixes with a stream of colorful characters like a hair metal rock god (Michael David Stoddard), a social reformer hippie (Clair Ivy Stoller) and pair of chaotic-bisexual club owners (Josh Reardon and Bill Elder).

BWW Review: BITES AND PINTS FESTIVAL Returns Live Music and Delicious Food to Kennywood Park
June 14, 2022

What did our critic think? There are a few cultural institutions in the Pittsburgh area of which I'm not just a supporter, I'm an outright stan. Chief among these are the Pittsburgh CLO summer season, the annual farce at Saint Vincent Summer Theatre (more on that later this week), and the Bites and Pints festival at Kennywood. I love live music, delicious food, thrill rides, even the dubious charms of seeing a guy walk around in a kangaroo costume on a hot summer day. (That poor Kenny Kangaroo is a real sport to play along as much as he does.)

BWW Review: JERSEY BOYS Sings Tight, Sweet Harmony at Benedum Center
June 9, 2022

Des McAnuff's once-revolutionary 'biopic musical' is still the best in its genre.

BWW Review: AIN'T TOO PROUD at Benedum Center Rocks the House
May 22, 2022

Des McAnuff's slick docudrama production style may not be anything new, but it still works like a charm.

BWW Review: MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS Blends Comedy and Crime at Pittsburgh Public Theater
April 27, 2022

Ken Ludwig's farce-mystery hybrid works much better than you'd imagine.

BWW Review: HAMILTON at Benedum Center
February 28, 2022

At this point, writing a review of Lin-Manuel Miranda's almost infamously popular hip-hop musical feels redudant. It's Hamilton, people. Go see it.

BWW Review: PRETTY WOMAN Makes Dreams Come True at Benedum Center
February 3, 2022

It may not be a musical anyone especially asked for, but a winning cast and some splashy production makes this one a winner anyway.

BWW Review: OKLAHOMA! Shakes Up Expectations at Benedum Center
January 6, 2022

You owe it to yourself to see the most divisive musical of the year... or maybe of the decade.