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Gigi Gervais

My name is Gabrielle, but everyone calls me Gigi ( the musical)! I'm a self-proclaimed theatre nerd and an aspiring journalist. When I'm not writing or seeing a show you can find me at my local Barnes & Noble, saving up for another Disney trip, or rewatching That's So Raven.


BWW Recap: DANCING WITH THE STARS Eliminates Another Pair
September 23, 2014

The DANCING WITH THE STARS Results Show started off on a high note with an opening dance number to British pop group Little Mix's 'Salute.' It's one of my favorite songs right now, so that was fun for me.

DANCING WITH THE STARS Jams Out During Week Two-Full Results!
September 22, 2014

Week two of ABC's popular dance competition DANCING WITH THE STARS celebrates the stars' favorite tunes with #MyJamMonday. This should be a great week, not only because it lets the audience know a little bit more about the performers, but because all of those first-week jitters are (hopefully) gone!

BWW Recap: DWTS: Who's the First One to Stop Dancing?
September 17, 2014

ABC's hit reality competition show DANCING WITH THE STARS premiered its 19th season last night with a bang, and tonight was the first elimination round. Now I'm recapping this show as it happens, so before it is revealed, my guess for the couple up for elimination is Lolo Jones and her partner Keo. I'd hate to see her partner go because this is his first DWTS season, but between Jones's stiff moves and sour attitude through the night, she is my pick to go home.

BWW Preview: JANE THE VIRGIN Gets Deflowered in New CW Dramedy
October 6, 2014

With the new slew of TV shows on the horizon, I'm here to give you a preview of the brand-new CW dramedy JANE THE VIRGIN. The hour-long television show, based on the Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, stars Gina Rodriguez as Jane. When she was a little girl, Jane's grandmother played by Ivonne Coll) instilled in her the great importance of keeping her virginity sacred, and Jane took that very seriously. Now as a twenty-three year old, Jane has a good job at a hotel and has found a wonderful boyfriend in Michael (Brett Dier). They have been together for two years and Micheal may not understand his girlfriend's values, he is respectful enough to not push boundaries. Things seem to be going swimmingly in Jane's life-until one fateful trip to the doctor's office. While Jane goes to her appointment for a pap smear, due to an overwhelmingly busy doctor's mistake, she is accidentally inseminated. The show follows Jane's life after that life-changing appointment.

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