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From Disney Channel to Broadway- Stars Who Have Made Their Debut!
July 20, 2019

Everyone loves a little nostalgia, especially when it comes to their favorite television shows and movies growing up. For millennials and Gen Z-ers, these probably include a few DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movie) and series. Several of the stars of these films and TV shows have gone on to further their acting and singing careers on Broadway, and some even got their start on the stage. Below is a list of stars that you may or may not know have a few theatre credits under their belt!

BWW Recap: Is Season Three the End of STRANGER THINGS?
July 8, 2019

The Fourth of July was celebrated not only by Americans across the country but Stranger Things fans when the third season of the Netflix original series was released. Although the streaming platform has not yet released the viewer count for the show's newest season, the show garnered over 15 million views in October 2017 for the second season's premiere and is expected to have another impressive view count. If you weren't one of the millions to catch up on the show over your long weekend, BroadwayWorld has you covered. This goes without saying, but spoilers below. 

BWW Review: ANNABELLE COMES HOME Doesn't Beat a Dead Horse
July 1, 2019

With the Conjuring cinematic universe rapidly expanding since its initial film in 2013, it has seen both commercial successes and mixed reviews. The highly anticipated “Annabelle Comes Home” proves to be a great addition to the franchise in terms of expansion and future possibilities, but is not the strongest film compared to its predecessors.

BWW Flashback: Colleen Ballinger's Journey to WAITRESS on Broadway
August 19, 2019

Colleen Ballinger is turning in her red sweatpants for a blue apron to make her Broadway debut as Dawn in Waitress.