VOICE OVER: Awkwardness Prevails as the Elite 8 are Revealed

VOICE OVER: Awkwardness Prevails as the Elite 8 are Revealed

The results show on NBC's The Voice is very fun, because it's an hour of variety in which the coaches actually get to show off why they are part of this singing show. This is something that distinguishes The Voice from other shows like it. Another fun part is that the contestants get to sing together, and they can relax because they are not being judged on their performance. Then of course there are the guest performers, like Rascal Flatts tonight. All of those elements were part of tonight's results show, which revealed the Top 8 by the end. So singers from Teams CeeLo Green, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Christina Aguilera were in suspense the whole time, most likely singing, "I Hope I Get It" to themselves yet again.

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The first number of the night was a fun one in which Christina Aguilera was "auditioning" for her mentees Sylvia and Dez who were sitting in her chair with their backs turned to her. A few seconds into it, after mock deliberation, they pushed the red button and joined her in singing "Let There be Love." This was a very fitting energy-filled opener, complete with backup dancers.

But following that, Team CeeLo's Nicholas David was the first to hear the assurance that he made the Top 8, followed by Blake's Cassadee Pope. Then the latter joined Rascal Flatts on stage to sing "Changed," with CeeLo's Cody Belew as well.

Carson Daly asked Amanda what she learned most from her coach, and she let America in on the fact that Adam really emphasizes his mentees just being themselves, and she consistently sought to emulate that.

As the contestants stood up there in a line, each one holding their breath, he shifted the pressure toward Christina's team, saying that the next one who was saved was one of them. It was between Sylvia Yacoub and Dez Duron. Not surprisingly, the fan favorite Dez was safe, and that result garnered many elated cheers from the young girls in the audience, as has come to be expected. And then from Team CeeLo, Cody Belew was safe.

To take a break from the suspense, Adam Levine and his team, Melanie Martinez, Bryan Keith, and Amanda Brown sang "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," as Adam played guitar. They all sounded and looked awesome as they were clearly having a blast.

Christina took a minute to put the spotlight on Dez, which she did not really do last night. "Dez is an amazing voice to be reckoned with," she said, but much like she did last night, she attributed his success to her own song choice in a very tacky and awkward way.

Right before Sylvia Yacoub, Terry McDermott, Dez Duron, and Cassadee Pope sang "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," Team Adam's Melanie Martinez was saved.

Adam gave some insight about his philosophy toward coaching, "You have to listen as a coach, so I had to listen to Melanie's idea." He certainly does that a lot, and letting his mentees be themselves and go with their own gut seems to be working for him. Then another one of my favorites, Team Blake's Terry McDermott learned that he would be another part of the Elite Eight. And this left only four more: Christina's Sylvia, Adam's Bryan Keith, Amanda Brown, and CeeLo's Trevin Hunte.

With all of them on pins and needles, Carson announced Trevin was safe. Then really awkwardly, Carson said, "Sylvia," and paused. He decided that would be a good moment- with everyone sweating buckets and just wanting this to be over with- to ask the contestants questions. But since he had just said her name without prefacing it with any sort of question, she and Bryan thought that Sylvia was through to the Top 8. Not so. Carson just wanted to know what was going on in her head. He was clearly just killing some time and milking it for all its worth, and a little more. But it was extremely annoying, especially because you could not even hear the singers' responses over the screaming from the audience. But since Amanda Brown was one of the final four, it was not a surprise that she moved on.

So everyone barely survived another week of eliminations, and all five of Ginge's Picks moved on to the Top 8, much to my excitement.

Tune in next week on Monday to NBC to hear the Top 8 sing and on Tuesday to learn who the Top 6 on The Voice are. 

Visit www.nbc.com/the-voice/artists/ to view the full list of Season 3 contestants (those eliminated and those still in the competition) plus their stories, videos, and more. You can download your favorites from tonight's performances at www.iTunes.com/thevoice, or watch them on The Voice's YouTube channel: www.Youtube.com/NBCthevoiceKeep up with The Voice through the week and during the show on Twitter: @NBCTheVoice, #TheVoice.

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