VIDEO: The Aging Ingénue- Episode 6 | Acceptance

Sara Jean Ford is 'The Aging Ingénue' in this six episode series.

By: Mar. 27, 2022

BroadwayWorld is very excited to bring you a new web series, The Aging Ingénue. Directed by Cameron Dingwall and co-written by Sara Jean Ford and Cameron Dingwall, this 6-episode series will air every Wednesday exclusively here at BroadwayWorld.

In today's final episode: Claire finally surrenders to her role as an Aging Ingénue... and as a carpool mom. Starring Sara Jean Ford, and her daughter and her daughter's friends. Directed by Cameron Dingwall. Musical arrangement by Will Reynolds.

Click here to watch Episodes 1-5. Plus, tune in for a special panel featuring six leading ladies of Broadway (Ford, Kate Baldwin, Ashley Blanchet, Victoria Clark, Ali Ewoldt and Kate Reinders) as they discuss aging in the industry.