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This Is Your Brain On Musical Theatre - 7 Questions with Broadway's Daddy Warbucks, Anthony Warlow

This Is Your Brain On Musical Theatre - 7 Questions with Broadway's Daddy Warbucks, Anthony Warlow

We knew we'd have to share Anthony Warlow with American audiences eventually. Perhaps we Aussies should even consider ourselves lucky that we got to keep this man of such immense talent and spirit on our side of the world for as long as we did.

After-all, when Broadway came calling theatre-goers down under had already experienced Warlow in a multitude of star turns - from Enjolras in LES MISERABLES, to his career-making Phantom, to Archibald Craven in unbearably pretty THE SECRET GARDEN, through to the eponymous Doctor in the world-premiere season of DR ZHIVAGO. Along the way, we also got platinum records, sell-out concert tours, and a host of operatic performances - the genre from which our baritone got his start.

And of course, we had Warlow twice in Annie; in fact so good was Warlow's Warbucks the first time around, a new song "Why Should I Change A Thing" was written just for him. It's therefore somehow fitting that Daddy Warbucks should be the role to finally deliver Anthony Warlow to Broadway. Third time's a charm in fact for Warlow as he treads the Palace Theatre boards to critical acclaim in James Lapine's 35th Anniversary Broadway Revival of the beloved musical.

The thing we've always known about our National Living Treasure (an official title!) is that Anthony Warlow is not only a talent, but a survivor, with a great big heart that comes through his voice. Critics Stateside have been impressed with the depth of emotion Warlow brings to this new Daddy Warbucks. But we've known about the voice and the man all along. And of course we're happy to share him. As long as you promise to give him back!

Here is a little glimpse of Anthony Warlow's brain on musical theatre ...

This Is Your Brain On Musical Theatre - 7 Questions with Anthony Warlow

Is there a particular show and/or person that first made you feel like 'this is what I want to do'?

Man of La Mancha was the show I fell in love with at a very early age. Keith Michell's performance on the London cast recording was mesmerizing.

Can you remember the moment when you first understood that you could sing the way most others can't?

When I was very young I had a much larger or more resonant sound than those around me. I would choose to sing in what I called my 'big voice' even though I had quite a sweet boy soprano.

Is there one night in your career that you would love to go back to and experience over again?

Being embraced by a full house on the opening night of my first solo concert series after my year fighting cancer. The overwhelming response by peers and those who were perhaps just curious as to my well-being literally brought tears to my eyes.

Is there one role that belongs to the opposite gender or a different age group that you'd secretly love to perform?

I think 'Eliza Doolittle' would be the closest thing to the perfect 'transitional' role, a real challenge for the singing actor/actress.

What book/TV show/movie is a musical just waiting to happen?

I can't wait to be offered the role of Snape in Harry Potter - The Musical, what fun that would be. Imagine the stage effects and the cost! Another Spider Man perhaps?!?

Do you still sing in the shower when you sing for a living?!

I certainly do. When offered the best acoustics in your own home, who wouldn't!

and finally, borrowing from James Lipton via Bernard Pivot

What sound or noise do you love?

The sound of my daughter laughing!


This Is Your Brain On Musical Theatre - 7 Questions with Broadway's Daddy Warbucks, Anthony Warlow

Anthony Warlow stars with Lilla Crawford and Kate Finneran in the 35th Anniversary Broadway Revival of ANNIE at the Palace Theatre. For tickets and further information click here.

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