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Student Blog: tick, tick... BOOM!

The biggest takeaway: ANDREW! GARFIELD!

The other day, I watched tick, tick... BOOM!-- one of the greatest pieces of art I've seen in a while. Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this movie adaptation of Jonathon Larson's first major work is a masterpiece. Miranda, who years ago played Jon Larson in a production of the show, was the perfect choice to bring this story to life on screen.

Half of the beauty was in the casting... ANDREW! GARFIELD! I didn't know he could sing, but WOW, can he. Garfield portrayed the emotional fragility of Larson in such a haunting way and his performance is what truly makes this movie.

Alongside him are Vanessa Hudgens and Joshua Henry as his friends and ensemble, helping him weave the story together through song. One of these songs, "Therapy" has quickly become a hit on TikTok for its interesting choreography. Check it out below.

In Larson's real life, he has Susan and Michael, beautifully portrayed by Alexandra Shipp and Robin de Jesus. Both relationships are fraught with misunderstanding and heartache, and let me tell you, the tears were definitely flowing. Below is the emotional finale.
"tick, tick... BOOM!" is on Netflix for the forseeable future, so please make it a priority in your viewing.

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