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Student Blog: The Dreams That Inspire


Here’s to my dreams for inspiring me on the daily.

Student Blog: The Dreams That Inspire

Being single isn't bad, don't get me wrong. But it does feel quite tragic to have been single since the womb. My mind even plays tricks on my mind by throwing mysterious men into my dreams. The particular person that I am speaking about is my reoccurring dream takeover. Otherwise known as the man in velvet suit. The only reoccurring character in my dreams, ever. Such a mysterious man, who takes over my dream, I become a bystander and watch in awe of his confidence. I actually wrote a letter to this mysterious man and I thought it would be interesting to throw it out into the universe, so here goes:

To the Man of my Dreams

You always appear. You're always dressed so dapperly and you intrigue me the more and more you appear.

The two of us have never fully interacted properly but you always radiate this humorous and creative energy.

You have this confidence and down-to-earth spring in your step.

Your charisma and poise is unmatched and I cannot believe I have had the pleasure to know you.

I have never in my life seen someone as many times in my dreams before but you always seem to take over the entire dream.

You become the narrator and storyteller of my dreams and I end up being a bystander, who just observes as you control and create a dream.

A dream that will be embedded into my mind until the moment I wake up. All I am able to remember when I wake up is the man in a velvet suit.

I cannot verbalise that velvet suit that you always wear. I can't even explain what it looks like besides it being velvet.

Sometimes it's a dark purple, sometimes it's black, I remember a grey one and the first time it was deep blue.

My man in a velvet suit, you give me inspiration and ambition during the lowest moments of my days.

You remind me to dream and live. You've given me the courage to create. I always look forward to my dreams because there is always a chance that you will make an appearance.

All that I could wish for would be to talk to you, interact with you in some way during my dreams.

It would be amazing to meet you in real life but I don't even know if you exist.

I hope that you are real. I hope we can meet one day.

You always bring a smile to my face, somehow.

Until we meet again.

I will say that being single for so long really does boost the creative juices. I have experienced a lot in life but obviously not everything. So, I have the luxury to dream.

I can dream of this man and wonder what it means and who he is.

I can imagine the wildest of love stories because I know what it means to be alone.

I honestly, don't know how my writing would be affected if I haven't been single for so long. I think that being single meant to me that I must write. I must use this love that I am ready to share and put it into my writing. To be completely honest, I don't think I would have acknowledged my deep love for writing if I had experienced love.

Not to say that I haven't. I am fortunate to have experienced love from my family and love from my friends. But I have never experienced love-love and I must say I think it makes me a better writer.

But still, I lie awake at night imagining what life would be like with someone who is constantly and forever on you side. Routing for you, no matter what.

Here's to my dreams for inspiring me on the daily.

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