Student Blog: I Can't, I Have Rehearsal

If I could have one wish from a genie, I think I'd wish for more hours in a day.

By: Nov. 26, 2022
Student Blog: I Can't, I Have Rehearsal
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Student Blog: I Can't, I Have Rehearsal
The pals and I backstage at during a run
of Rocky Horror Picture Show

If I could have one wish from a genie, I think I'd wish for more hours in a day.

With trying to balance school, extra curricular, family, and a rehearsal schedule, things can get pretty hectic. Personally, I get stressed super easily if I don't manage my time correctly or slip up.

Here are a few ways that keep my focused and on track while staying busy in college.

You've Got to Be Carefully Taught

The biggest thing that helps me stay organized is a calendar/planner. I literally do not know what I'd without my planner and calendar. My planner is used to keep track of rehearsals, work, events for clubs, important school dates, and appointments. I also am a huge color code girl. The different colors help me to see which events I have at what times and keep me on a schedule. I use the calendar app and keep one in my apartment as a reminder of what personal, school, and theater events I have. If something is not written down in my planner or calendars, it will be forgotten. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a planner and or calendar!

Freshman Year Studies

Another tool that keeps me organized is creating a schedule. My schedule is not always concrete, so I like to have a rough schedule to base my days on. The weeks I have more time, I like to wake up a bit earlier and get a workout in so I can keep up my endurance even if I am not in a show. After that I get ready for class and head on out, or if It's summer I get ready for my day. I like to get as much done during my day so I can relax when I get back from rehearsals. During the semesters, if I am in a show, I will always bring my class work with me. There's a scene or a number I'm not in, I will take my computer and work on an assignment. School is super important to me and will always be my number one priority. Theater is just as important to me and I understand that if I am not doing well in school, I will not have time to do it. Maintaining and adapting a schedule allows me to keep on top of my schoolwork and theater work as well.

A Trip to the Library

One more tool I use to help me during the semester is to find a study buddy and go to either the library or a coffee shop. My friends and I put away our phones, get to a quiet location, and get some work done. I tend to become distracted easily, with a cast or classmate to help hold me accountable I can do either schoolwork, learn lines, or even a character study. The third floor of the library on campus is silent and is the best place to relax. The atmosphere is perfect for a long night of work and is my home when I am not at rehearsal. When in doubt, grab a pal and get to studying.

Finding a good balance of school and fun took some time. With two weeks of my undergrad left, I look back on my time and feel comfortable that I got to have fun while not jeopardizing my grades. Having a planner, creating a schedule, and finding a friend to study with are just some ways that helped me succeed in college. Looking forward to another degree and another role.