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Student Blog: Celebrate Fourth of July with these Patriotic Musicals

No matter how you choose to spend the Fourth of July weekend, these Broadway musicals are sure to put you in a patriotic mood!

Student Blog: Celebrate Fourth of July with these Patriotic Musicals

With the long days full of sunshine, the rising temperatures, and the extra time off for students, individuals, and families alike, it becomes clear that summer is here and so is the unique American holiday - the Fourth of July. To help you get ready for this coming weekend, I have listed the four quintessentially patriotic musicals. Whether you stream these works in your free time or listen to the curated playlist below, these musicals are sure to put you in a patriotic mood.

  1. 1776 - This famous musical details how almost 250 years ago, several political figures that made up the Second Continental Congress gathered in Philadelphia to draft and finalize the Declaration of Independence. This document would go on to fuel the fire that would become the Revolutionary War, beginning the United States' separation from England's tyrannical rule and creating the Fourth of July holiday. The 1972 movie version of this classic musical can be streamed on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Youtube. Moreover, the movie is traditionally played on various television channels, like TCM, during the holiday weekend. So, check your local channels to catch it!
  1. Hamilton - For anyone familiar with the groundbreaking musical Hamilton, my listing will come as no surprise. Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit production conveys the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's often overlooked Founding Fathers, as told through his perspective and the perspective of those around him. Through the story of Hamilton's life, audiences witness the triumphs and struggles of creating and running a new, independent nation. The live staging of the Broadway production with the original cast is on Disney Plus.
  1. Ragtime - The 1998 musical with a soaring score by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty depicts the lives of three American families - an African American family, a white upper-class family, and a family immigrating from Eastern Europe - as they try to establish themselves in early 20th century America. While detailing the lives of these three families, the musical also incorporates various historical figures, such as Harry Houdini, Booker T. Washington, and Henry Ford, into the narrative. Although this musical has yet to be adapted for the screen, the stunning soundtrack of the original Broadway production can be streamed on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon and Youtube.
  1. Bandstand - Despite recently appearing on Broadway, Bandstand has already claimed its spot in the realm of patriotic, American musicals. The 2017 musical tells of the story of a young veteran and musician, Donny Novitski, as he returns home from World War II eager to get back to life before the war. When the opportunity comes around to enter the National Radio Swing Band Competition, Donny forms a band with some of his fellow veterans to win the prize and establish himself as a successful artist. With its catchy tunes and patriotic themes, Bandstand is a perfect Fourth of July musical, which can be streamed on Broadway On-Demand. The soundtrack can also be streamed on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, and Youtube.

Besides the aforementioned musicals, some memorable patriotic shows and scenes include: Holiday Inn, which includes a scene where various characters put on a Fourth of July celebration; On the Town, which details the adventures of U.S. Navy sailors in NYC; West Side Story, which includes the memorable song "America;" and Gypsy, which includes the famous "Stars and Stripes" number as part of the family's vaudeville show. In addition to streaming, be sure to catch these patriotic tunes in the carefully curated playlist below.

No matter how you choose to spend the Fourth of July weekend, these Broadway musicals are sure to inspire hope in the future of America as we continue to pursue the Founding Fathers' dream of an ever more perfect union. Happy Fourth of July!

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