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New Light Theater Project And Pocket Universe Join Forces For The HERstory Benefit

New Light Theater Project And Pocket Universe Join Forces For The HERstory Benefit


New Light Theater Project and Pocket Universe are proud to join forces to present

The HERstory Benefit

Featuring an encore performance of NLTP’s acclaimed production of Hitler’s Tasters by Michelle Kholos Brooks, directed by Sarah Norris.

Three times a day, every day, a group of young women have the opportunity to die for their country. They are Adolph Hitler's food tasters. Using an anachronistic retelling of a historical footnote, and stretching from the WWII era to today's autocracy, the play asks us to consider what girls discuss as they wait to see if they will live through another meal.

Hitler's Tasters highlights how throughout history young women have been viewed as expendable. We believe the best way to combat this is to tell as many of our stories as we can to as many people as possible.

As such, admission to this performance is FREE but reservations are recommended. Donations will be accepted throughout the evening to be split evenly among five upcoming projects lead by female-identifying artists:

ROOM 1209 PRODUCTIONS' Finding Graceland- a feature film written by & starring Rosa Rodriguez with Ravin Patterson & Ashley Trawinski and produced by Giuliana Monteiro Pinheiro. "A punk rocker who believes she is Elvis Presley's granddaughter recruits her roommates on a trip to meet her biological mother, along the way finding the true meaning of family." Room 1209 Productions is a group of passionate filmmakers with a mission to tell innovative stories about the struggles of everyday people.

RAT QUEEN THEATRE COMPANY's Judy Doomed Us All, a devised musical that investigates what it means to grow up under the Reagan administration. "Judy takes place on the fourth of July, when a tornado traps Nancy and her speech writer, Anthony Dolan, in a particularly unsavory Kansas town, forcing them to reckon with the 'degenerates' they have always condemned at a distance." Rat Queen makes theatre that focuses on female, non-binary, and genderqueer stories using a devising module and music.

Priya Mohanty's FOBia-"a femme driven, immigrant focused pilot following the journey of an Indian immigrant woman who arrives in America to go to business school and the cultural misunderstandings she goes through while adapting to life in America. Priya Mohanty came to America for her MBA and was working a corporate job when a series of fortunate events led her to acting. She promptly quit her paycheck to pursue her passion.

POCKET UNIVERSE's upcoming production, directed by Alyssa May Gold (announcement coming soon!). After setting Julius Caesar in an all-girls high school and The Maid's Tragedy in Hollywood, Pocket Universe turns its attention to another classic story to tell it from a brand new perspective. Pocket Universe is a theatre and film Production Company dedicated to reconsidering and reimaging classic stories and conventions.

NEW LIGHT THEATER PROJECT's The Great Novel, by Amina Henry directed by Sarah Norris. "While polishing the silverware and washing the windows, Bertha dreams of honoring the promise she made to her grandmother long ago to write the next great American novel." New Light Theater Project is an ensemble-driven theater company, supporting independent and emerging artists by providing and promoting growth opportunities through exposure to new audiences.

Saturday, November 3
Access Theater Gallery
380 Broadway, NY NY 10013

Reservations at


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