Louis Jenkins & Mark Rylance's NICE FISH Swimming to the West End

By: May. 19, 2016

NICE FISH, written & adapted by and starring BRIDGE OF SPIES Oscar winner Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins, is swimming from Brooklyn to London this fall.

After its spring run at St. Ann's Warehouse, the Daily Mail writes the production will begin mid-November at a to-be-determined venue in the West End.

Tony-, Olivier- and Oscar-winner Mark Rylance conceived and wrote NICE FISH with one of his heroes, the celebrated poet Louis Jenkins; they have adapted the play from Jenkins' book about ice fishing in Minnesota. NICE FISH takes place on a lake in frozen Minnesota where the ice is beginning to creak and groan. It's the end of the fishing season, and two men are out on the ice one last time, angling for answers to life's larger questions. A play woven together from the acclaimed prose poems of Louis Jenkins, NICE FISH reflects nature with a wry surreality.

In addition to Mark Rylance as Ron and Jim Lichtscheidl as Eric, the cast at St. Ann's Warehouse included Louis Jenkins as Wayne, Bob Davis as the DNR Officer and Kayli Carter as Flo.

Minnesota's Guthrie Theater originally commissioned and produced NICE FISH in 2013. The play then traveled to A.R.T. in Cambridge, Mass., before heading to New York City.

Photo Credit: Teddy Wolff