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LIVE BLOG: BroadwayGirlNYC on the 2011 Tony Awards!

LIVE BLOG: BroadwayGirlNYC on the 2011 Tony Awards!Welcome to the @BroadwayGirlNYC 2011 Tony Awards LIVE BLOG!!

Note that new items will be posted at the TOP (lines closest to this message are the NEWEST), so refresh often!

If you're on the go, you can keep up with the live blog via my Twitter feed @BroadwayGirlNYC.







And that's our show, folks! #TillNextYear #TonyAwards#PreparingForAHangover #TonysDrinkingGame

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS IS RAPPING! I have a feeling this is a @Lin_Manuel joint. Yay the #TonyAwards!!!

Trey Parker thanks "co-writer Joseph Smith" hahahahahahaha #TonyAwards

BEST MUSICAL IS THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!! #NoOneIsSurprised #TonyAwards

Chris Rock: "If you told me 2 years ago I'd miss the best #Basketball game ever to hang out with Nathan Lane, I'da said you were crazy" 

The uninitiated will be confused about the so-called "Mother With the Hat." IT ISN'T ABOUT ANYONE'S MOTHER #TonyAwards

ME, TOO.  RT @SimsJames I almost started tearing up when Norbert mentioned his recently murdered sister. #TonyAwards

NORBERT LEO BUTZ wins for @CatchMeMusical as Best Actor in a Musical! #TheTonyAwards #ButCanHeWalkThroughWalls?

#WhatIsMarkRylanceTalkingAbout #NotSurprised #TonyAwards

BEST ACTOR IN A PLAY... MARK RYLANCE!!! #TonyAwards #AmazingNominees #HeIsAmazing #iAmDrunk

Best Leading Actor in a Play.  Who do you want to win? #TonyAwards

It's clear why @PriscillaUS won for best costumes.  These #Queens are gorgeous!!  #TonyAwards

Paul Shaffer is here to play HIS song, "It's Raining Men," with the cast of @PriscillaUS!!  (hi @tadwilson!) #TonyAwards

Sutton Foster loses her shit about her dresser!  Can she GET any more charming!!  #TonyAwards

Sutton Foster: "Bobby Cannavale, my love, has changed my life" #TonyAwards

Sutton Foster: "I've never been so happy in my life" #TonyAwards

Best Leading Actress in a Musical - winner is SUTTON FOSTER!!!  #TonyAwards #TripleThreat #iWantToBeHer

Frances McDormand: "I love my job! I love my job!" #TonyAwards #QuotesToBeUsedInFutureTonysPromos

Frances McDormand is definitely on my #TonyAwards #WorstDressed list.  But her performance in Good People was top-notch. #CrazyBrilliant

Best Leading Actress in a Play: FRANCES MCDORMAND in GOOD PEOPLE! #TonyAwards

DANIEL RADCLIFFE exchanged his blue bow-tie for a black one. Looking good Harry!  I mean Daniel #TonyAwards

Listen to Lin, my lovelies. I hear there's a treat in store at the end of the #TonyAwards. RT @Lin_Manuel Watch all the way to the end, kids

TYNE DALY is so regal.  She is a good choice to introduce the "in memoriam" section. #TonyAwards #Sad #ArthurLaurents #ShannonTaverez

ANYTHING GOES wins Best Revival of a Musical! Congrats @AnythingGoesRTC! I will come see you again soon to celebrate #TonyAwards #Deservedit

I freaking LOVE Company.  Did you know they have a twitter @CompanyOnScreen??  This production was A+. Sigh. #Sondheim #TonyAwards

Hey look! Barbie is introducing a Tony performance! #ChristieBrinkley

HUGE standing ovation for #JamesEarlJones and #VanessaRedgrave as they take the #TonyAwards stage. #Legends

Just announced: The #TonyAwards Best lighting design of a musical: Another coup for @BookOfMormonBWY! #GodsFavoriteLighting

And.... @AnythingGoesRTC just sold a bazillion tickets. #TonyAwards 

And this winner of Best (NEW) Play is... WAR HORSE!!!!  #TonyAwards

Samuel L. Jackson is here to present BEST PLAY!! #TonyAwards

Scenic Design of a Play goes to War Horse!  It was based on a bunch of charcoal drawings, which are on display in the @Lincoln_Center lobby.

I hearby grant permission to anyone who wants to STOP. #BeSafe #TonyAwards RT @suechru You might need to quit the #tonysdrinkinggame LOL

The @MemphisBroadway performance is so cute with all of those kids! But @ChrisRock doesn't look amused. WARM IT UP, CHRIS!!!  #TonyAwards

To clarify, @TheNormalHeart won best REVIVAL of a play. #drunktweeting #TonysDrinkingGame #TheTonyAwards

Can't fault Larry Kramer for dressing like a monk. He's so powerful & wonderful & I just want to celebrate everything about him. #TonyAwards

Darryl Roth accepts the Tony for @TheNormalHeart and reads a beautiful plea for #MarriageEquality. I'm getting choked up.  #BROADWAYIMPACT


NPH: "The ironic thing is that the entire Horse is held together by glue" #groan #TonyAwards

AHHHH Neil Patrick Harris is on the War Horse!!!!  #TonyAwards @ActuallyNPH

Be caerful!!!!!  RT @danielgeneNYC BroadwayGirlNYC girl your #TonysDrinkingGame is killin' me! #TonyAwards

(I wish I had thought of this line!) RT @ RT @robintilejr: Whoopi is the Mother with the Hat :) #TonyAwards 

Patina Miller is leading the cast of @SisterActBway... man, she is beautiful.  And that VOICE!!!  #TonyAwards  @patinamiller

Whoopi Goldberg, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING???  #TonyAwards

Best book of a musical goes to... The Book of The Book of Mormon!!  #TonyAwards #WhatAboutTheBookOfArnold

Robin Williams: "What a great night! The only beard here is on my face!" #TonyAwards#OutGayPeople

Jim Parsons: "This is the highest-grossing Broadway season ever." Um yeah, maybe because @BookOfMormonBWY tickets are $181? #JustSayin

Smart for the @SpideyOnBway performance to include new dialogue -- so those who only saw the old version will be reminded that it's changed.

Bono and the Edge here to introduce a performance by a musical that isn't even open yet! I think it's about a superhero? #TonyAwards

Daniel Radcliffe is so cute. He's my favorite thing about John Laroquette's acceptance speech.  #TonyAwards

Best featured actor in a musical is... John Laroquette?!?!?  Color me very surprised at this one. #TonyAwards

Hey @TheWing, @ActuallyNPH & @RealHughJackman should co-host @TheTonyAwards in 2012.  Anyone care to second the motion? #TonyAwards

Revised: Hugh Jackman just called NPH "Neil Patrick Harrison" AS PART OF A BIT. #TonyAwards

Hugh Jackman just called NPH "Neil Patrick Harrison" #TonyAwards

WINNER of Best Costumes in a Musical: @PriscillaUS!!!  Yay for pink feather boas!!! #dragqueensrule #tonyawards #Broadway

Coming up: Defending champions @MemphisBroadway will perform and I hear they have some wonderful special guests appearing too #TonyAwards

BOOK/MORMON: 5 awards. NORMAL HEART: 2 awards. WAR HORSE: 2 awards. ANYTHING GOES: 1 award. IMPORTANCE/EARNEST: 1 award. #TonyAwards #SoFar

A standing ovation just broke out in my living room! @BookOfMormonBWY #TonyAwards

I am not Mormon, but I DO belong to the religion of @BookOfMormonBWY! #TonyAwards

Congrats to @AndrewRannells for a flawless performance from #GodsFavoriteMusical!  #TonyAwards

Stephen Colbert is the PERFECT presenter for @BookOfMormonBWY. But since he's never been on Bway himself... driiiiink #TonysDrinkingGame

Nikki M. James: "They're saying 'wrap it up' but I will not leave this stage!" #TonyAwards#FakeMormonsAreTakingOverTheWorld

Nikki James is crying, emoting, so real, so wonderful.  She looks gorgeous.  I love it when winners let loose like this! #TonyAwards

Featured Actress in a Musical winner is... NIKKI M. JAMES!!!  She looks truly shocked.  And I love that about her.  HOORAY @BOOKOFMORMONBWY!

Harry Connick Jr presents Featured Actress in a Musical! My fave is @LauraBenanti.  And the winner is... 

Angela Lansbury.  The classiest, most beautiful woman in the room. #Always #TonyAwards

Desmond Heely just won "Best Costumes" in a play for The Importance of Being Earnest. Very worthy.  #TonyAwards

BRING BACK THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS!!!!   I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!    #TonyAwards @ScottsboroBoys

Don Cheadle is an Oscar nominee but has never appeared on Broadway.  You know what that means; DRINK! http://bit.ly/kopW6q #TonyAwards

Don Cheadle introduces @ScottsboroBoys.  I've been waiting months to see this ensemble together again.  Brava!! #TonyAwards

Tonight the @DramaBookShop, home of my faves the @StoryPirates, won a special Tony Award! It's a hidden gem on 40th & 8th. #TonyAwards

Winner of BEST DIRECTION OF A PLAY is... WAR HORSE!!  Such an amazing production. I'd have voted for it, too. #TonyAwards

Trey Parker may have just won a Tony, but his shirt loses. Sorry, buddy. #TonyAwards

Casey Nicolaw and Trey Parker just won BEST DIRECTION OF A MUSICAL!  But WHAT is the story with that SHIRT, Trey?! #TonyAwards #UglyFashion

David Hyde Pierce presents Best Direction of a Musical (is it always so early in the show?) #TonyAwards And the winner is... 

NPH: "As many Spiderman jokes as I can tell in 30 seconds" -- OH NO. Just chug for 30 seconds if you're playing the #TonysDrinkingGame

Best Choreography - Kathleen Marshall for @AnythingGoesRTC!!  #TonyAwards

Book of Mormon won Sound Design of a Musical! @BookOfMormonBWY wins again.  Three for three! #TonyAwards

WAR HORSE @Lincoln_Center has just taken Sound Design in a play! #TheTonyAwards @WarHorse

The real Frank Abignale Jr is in the audience at the #TonyAwards.  That's a classy move, @CatchMeMusical. Glad he could come.

So far, two awards go to @BookOfMormonBwy and two go to @TheNormalHeart. Looking like these are the shows to beat! #TonyAwards

Sorry that @KerryButlerNYC couldn't be part of the #TonyAwards performance.  We miss you, Kerry! @CatchMeMusical

And here is NLB now!  I still always enjoy thinking of Tveit & Butz as dueling Fiyeros :-) #TonyAwards@CatchMeMusical

Sigh. Aaron Tveit is so cute.  But you know what? I think Norbert Leo Butz is sexy too. #TonyAwards @CatchMeMusical

"Being a part of @TheNormalHeart has been the proudest moment of my career" -- John Benjamin Hickey #TonyAwards

Viola Davis presents BEST FEATURED ACTOR IN A PLAY. And the winner is... JOHN BENJAMIN HICKEY #TonyAwards #YAY!!! @TheNormalHeart 

Viola Davis presents BEST FEATURED ACTOR IN A PLAY. And the winner is... 

THE @JohnLeguizamo is doing part of his show at the #TonyAwards -- and he referenced NOT being nominated, so DRINK!

Neil Patrick Harris: "I just had to stop Daniel Radcliffe from poking out the War Horse's eyes"#LOVE #TonyAwards

BOOK OF MORMON wins best original score too!!

BOOK OF MORMON just won Best Orchestrations!!  Yay @BookOfMormonBWY at the #TonyAwards!!! 

NPH made a Spiderman joke in the opening number... Alec Baldwin stumbled over the name of Motherfucker with the Hat... Drink twice! 

Coming up: Chris Rock, Book of Mormon, and Hugh Jackman! (What's an ackman?) #TonyAwards #HugeAckman

The dance number by @H2SBroadway is going to sell lots of tickets -- & not just to #HarryPotterfans! Radcliffe's really got it. #TonyAwards

The "How to Succeed" cast is performing "Brotherhood of Man".  Dan looks so cute. I dig a guy in a bowtie. #nerdsonbroadway

The "How to Succeed" cast is performing "Brotherhood of Man".  Dan looks so cute. I dig a guy in a bowtie. #nerdsonbroadway

Two actors who played J. Pierpont Finch, Robert Morse & Matthew Broderick, introduce @H2SBroadway's performance!

I was SO moved by Ellen Barkin's performance in @TheNormalHeart.  I'm really glad she won. #TonyAwards #ChangeTheWorld #LarryKramerRules

NICE DRESS, Ellen Barkin!!  You look sexy in black lace. #TonyAwards #BroadwayDebut

Best Featured Actress in a Play goes to... ELLEN BARKIN!!! #TheTonyAwards

Is Alec Baldwin understudying @BengalTigerBway? Nice beard! :-) #TonyAwards

The #TonysDrinkingGame calls for a drink for every NPH costume change... that's TWO!!  Ack!!!!! (something on your neck Neil) #TonyAwards

Brooke Shields bombs her part of the opening number... twice. Then she finally gets it on the third try.#TonyAwards

Stephen Colbert sings as part of the opening number! Get on the beat, Colbert... eek#TonyAwards #Broadway

"It's Not Just for Gays Anymore" hilarious opening #TonyAwards number from @ActuallyNPH!  I love #Broadway so much :-)

It's the start of the #TonyAwards and #Glee has already been mentioned in song!  That's a #TonysDrinkingGame shot... uh oh

"Teen Heartthrob" Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) has opened the #TonyAwards!!


The Tony Awards will begin at 8pm and I will be HERE with minute-by-minute updates!!

I am simultaneously be tweeting, live-blogging for BroadwayWorld, AND participating in the Tonys Drinking Game. Wish me luck!

Despite his awesome turn in Jerusalem (not to mention the British Office), I still see a pirate when I look at MacKenzie Crook.

There is NO online stream of the Tony Awards this year. Sad face! 

I absolutely adore Mark Rylance.  

Harry Connick Jr: "This is where the real talent is. I've worked in every medium imaginable, & I admire those on Broadway most."

Harry Connick Jr on the red carpet, being interviewed by Frank Dilella of NY1.  Two very dreamy guys. (Donna looks good too!) 

Martha Wash from the Weather Girls, and Paul Shaffer, who wrote "It's Raining Men," will join the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert cast to perform the song.

I barely recognized Tony Sheldon out of drag!  He looks so handsome. He's on the Tony Awards red carpet with Beth Leavel!

Hundreds of people in Times Square, at the TKTS red steps, watching a free screening of the Tony Awards! Need a place to watch? Go there!

Cameras going off like strobes for Christy Brinkley & her daughter Alexa Ray Joel on the Tony Awards red carpet!

Right now, Sutton Foster is on the red carpet in a beautiful strapless gown.

New York 1 is broadcasting the red carpet from the Tonys, and I am glued to my TV!

The Tony Awards red carpet has begun!! 




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