IATSE Issues Safety Guidelines for the Return of Broadway and Live Performance Venues

Guidelines Include Hand Hygiene, Disinfection and Maintenance, General Infection Prevention and More

By: Jul. 22, 2020
IATSE Issues Safety Guidelines for the Return of Broadway and Live Performance Venues

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Stagecraft Safety Committee has released via their website, a 27-page COVID-19 reopening recovery plan.

The document shares:

"Covid-19 presents unique challenges for IATSE Stagecraft local unions. As states, provinces and communities move individually to reopening and returning to work, it is essential that IATSE locals have consistent, science-based guidance on how to ensure their members are returning to work under the safest possible conditions. This plan was developed through a review of various industry stakeholder guidance strategies, governmental agency advice, and the observations and recommendations of local union leaders in each of the crafts represented within the Stagecraft Department.

This information is designed as a service to IATSE Locals, their Members, and Employers and is intended only to provide general information on the subject covered and not as a comprehensive or exhaustive treatment of that subject, legal advice or a legal opinion. The aforementioned are advised to consult with legal counsel and other professionals with respect to the application of the subject covered to any specific production or other factual situation.

Although the protocols listed here reference Theaters and Live Performance Venues, these protocols are designed to also apply to other facilities in which the various crafts Stagecraft Department workers also work."

Guiding principals and general practices include:

- The health and safety of crew/employees and cast and general public are the highest priority. Re-opening the industry and returning to work are also significant and important priorities.

-Venues must have a written COVID-19 safety plan in place that specifies necessary policies, practices and procedures. In multi-employer venues there must be a process for coordinating activities related to prevention and control of Covid-19.

-In advance of reopening in any setting, local public health authorities should be notified and proper liaison to that authority should be established. All COVID-19 prevention and control measures must be consistent with federal state and local public health guidelines.

and more.

In addressing 'Symptom Screening and Monitoring', the document states:

-Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19, is infected with COVID-19, or reports close contact with infected individuals should not go to work, follow protocols for reporting to the Covid Compliance office or other person designated by the employer and should seek medical evaluation and care.

-Anyone reporting to work while displaying symptoms should be directed to leave the venue and isolate themselves and be referred to appropriate medical services and follow reporting protocols.

The document details the following:

Section 1: Opening Statement and Objectives

Section 2: Scope and Coverage

Section 3: Guiding Principles and General Practices

Section 4: Oversight and Leadership

Section 5: Testing

Section 6: Symptom Screening and Monitoring

Section 7: Safe Return to Work

Section 8: Control of Exposures in Re-opened Settings

Section 9: Communication

Section 10: Education and Training

Read the full set of guidelines HERE.