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There's several rites of passage when it comes to senior year of high school –  but there is no bigger rite of passage than senior prom. How many countless movies, TV shows, etc have been done about senior prom? It's one of those nights that you're meant to look back on and have fond memories of and make fun of the ridiculous fashion choices you made. But, overall – it's a night to celebrate, to dance with the one you love, and cherish the moments and memories that got you to where you are. And this week, Gleeks – is that time for our beloved glee club members.

 Principal Figgins isn't happy with what little Brittany has done as class president, so he urges her to pick up the ball by planning prom, which in the short time she's given the task, she fires the prom committee and declares the theme to be – dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Rachel is still mourning the loss of her dreams after choking during her NYADA audition, and when Finn and Quinn are both nominated for Prom court, Rachel's insanity level goes through the roof. Becky is not happy with not being nominated prom queen, and goes on a rampage, and nothing seems to be able to stop her – not even Sue's best attempts.

Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine lament prom – Rachel not happy about the whole Quinn and Finn ordeal, Kurt not excited to relive prom after last year, and Blaine isn't happy about Brittany's ban on hair gel at prom to fit the theme. After performing "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie, the trio decide to have an anti-Prom party, which doesn't sit well with Santana, who tears into Rachel and gives her some Lima Heights tude and realism. Quinn uses her injury to get the pity vote, which seems to turn Prom king nominee Finn off. 

Prom time has come and Brittany opens the festivities with "Dinosaur" by Ke$ha, while Finn discovers Quinn in the bathroom standing and confronts her on her lying ways. Meanwhile, Kurt, Blaine, Puck, Rachel, and Becky attend the anti-Prom party, which instantly seems to be going over as well as a lead balloon. Santana performs "I Love You Like A Love Song" by Selena Gomez while Finn gets into it with Quinn about her lying about being unable to walk, which prompts Joe and Sue to step in, but before things can go the route of last year – Finn leaves.

The anti-Prom partiers seem to be having none of the actual fun of Prom, but when Finn arrives and Rachel shows off her Prom dress, Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and Blaine all decide to give into their grivaces with Prom and go – leaving Becky and Puck to their misery. The couples arrive as Sam, Joe, Rory, and Artie put a New Direction-spin on One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful", while Brittany demands Blaine wash the gel out of his hair to enter the prom. Meanwhile, back at the anti-Prom, Puck makes Becky's dream of being queen a reality, and shows us that surprises are always up the sleve of Noah Puckerman.

Rachel and Quinn share a moment in the hallway, while Becky and Puck enter prom with the royal entrance Becky always wanted, which makes Sue  very pleased. Quinn and Santana count the votes for prom, which the results leave Quinn as the winner by one vote, but part of her seems to wonder if she really wants this or not. Blaine's hair without gel causes quite the stir, but Kurt is just as charmed and proud of his boyfriend as ever, and they turn their attention to who will be elected prom king and queen.

Finn is announced prom king and for the second year in a row – the queen is a write-in, which for a moment brings back horrorific memories for Kurt of last year, but in turn – it's Rachel who is crowned queen. As the new king, queen, and their subjects dance – Santana, Tina, and Quinn perform "Take My Breath Away" – which is exactly what Quinn does when she takes her first stand on stage.  As the night comes to a close, Tina brings to the forefront exactly what prom means – an almost end, and all she wants is for it to never truly end.

A night they'll never forget, and no pig's blood! Kidding, but it was a night to remember for all time, and speaking of time – next time, it's a double dose of Glee! You guessed it, Gleeks – two hours! It's Nationals time, and it's going to be an event! I'll see you then, Gleeks!

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