Glee-Cap: Dance with Somebody


So, let's all just admit this, Gleeks – we've all at some point in our lives belted out the songs of Whitney Houston – either by lip synching to her into a hair brush and bouncing around our rooms or by attempting to emuliate her gorgeous vocals on several of her classic ballads. ..Don't leave me hanging here, Gleeks – you know you've done it, too. Tonight, our favorite glee club pays tribute to the queen of pop/soul, Ms. Whitney Houston.

Will begins to realize just how hard the glee club is taking the loss of Whitney after watching Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Mercedes perform an acapella version of "How Will I Know". After consulting Emma, who believes that the glee club is putting their loss of high school into the loss of Whitney, Will makes the glee club assignment Whitney Houston, which pleases several of the glee clubbers. Kurt attempts to get song advice from Blaine, but he seems distracted, so Kurt takes it upon himself to figure out what Whitney song to do, meeting a very excitable boy named Chandler at the music store while doing so. Brittany takes on "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and dedicates it to Santana, who joins her girlfriend in taking on Whitney's 80's classic.

Joe and Quinn get closer as Joe attempts to help Quinn with her physical threapy, while Chandler begins sending Kurt cutesy texts which Rachel picks up on, leading to Kurt to wonder why he and Blaine have been so out of sync lately. Joe and Quinn pair up on "Saving All My Love" while Quinn continues to struggle with her current state of being in a wheelchair and possible feelings for Joe. 

The girls ask Quinn about what's going on with Joe, which she claims there is nothing after their almost kiss apparently fails to launch due what she believes to be about her being stuck in her wheelchair. Rachel and Santana perform "So Emotional" in honor of their two loves, while Blaine comes to find out about the texts between Kurt and Chandler, causing the two to fight. Blaine, fed up with everything, performs "It's Not Right, But It's Okay" before storming out of the choir room, leaving Kurt to his thoughts.

 Rachel and Santana confront the idea that they could have easily killed many a duet in glee club if they had just teamed up and put their fueding ways behind them, ending in them deciding to be friends. Kurt and Burt share a moment as Kurt begins to ponders the things he'll bring to New York, Burt's emotional words leads to Kurt realizing that he needs his dad and Blaine – deciding on "I Have Nothing" for his song and dedicating it to them.

Kurt and Blaine go to Emma for some couple's threapy, which opens up so many things they've both been afraid to face, but the hardest one to grasp being – the idea of being apart, which only pushes them closer together and makes them realize there are the love of each other's lives. Will panicks about the wedding date, which he's been attempting to push up, because he fears the glee kids won't want to be involved once they are away, but Emma assures him that they each changed each others lives and they would be there no matter what.

Kurt and Blaine's issues are behind them, and their love is as strong as always, and while Blaine plans an unscheduled make out session, Kurt chooses to attend an optional glee club rehearsal, knowing there's only so many left – during which the glee clubbers perform "Your Love Is My Love".

 A wonderful tribute to a legend and a reminder that time is precious – both in the sense of having lost a living legend before her time and how we should treasure our moments together that we can share.

Next week – It's NYADA audition time – Will all of Kurt and Rachel's dreams come true or will everything they dreamed come crashing down? Until next week, Gleeks. 

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