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FLASH SPECIAL: THE SOUND OF MUSIC Character Cards Series - Stephen Moyer

Today we are continuing our Flash Special series focusing a spotlight on the male star of the new NBC live TV presentation of Rodgers & Hammerstein's classic musical THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Stephen Moyer.

The Lonely Goatherd

Perilously cold and generally up-tight, Captain Von Trapp in THE SOUND OF MUSIC is a role traditionally played by dashing leading men amply able to assume an air of military order and attentiveness while also showing a heart beneath the chilly demeanor. It is a part fraught with less than lovable attributes for much of the playing time due to the specific dramatic dynamic established early on, with the audience usually rooting for Maria and the children, yet the eventual thawing of the heart for that character and his ensuing romance with Maria provides much of the emotional impact of the final scenes of the story.

Indeed, "Edelweiss" is among the most sensitively-wrought and delicately moving musical entries in all of Rodgers & Hammerstein's incredibly impressive oeuvre, which is certainly saying something significant. When played for all its power, it can very well be the most unforgettable moment of the entire musical. After all, "Edelweiss" was the last song Oscar Hammerstein ever wrote and more evocative and stirring lyrics are difficult to ever imagine, particularly given the placement of the song in the show.

To add to the all-around feverish excitement for the new live TV presentation of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, internationally recognized TRUE BLOOD star Stephen Moyer has been tapped to step into the spats previously worn by Theodore Bikel onstage and Christopher Plummer onscreen as the captain. Having recently showed off a handsome baritone in the Hollywood Bowl staging of CHICAGO, Moyer is a befitting choice for the aloof military man, no doubt - particularly considering his most well-known character is also a war veteran with a slightly chilly disposition. Yet, how will Moyer handle the additional musical material deriving from the stage version, such as the trio, "No Way To Stop It"? Tune in to see!

Of note, this new version of THE SOUND OF MUSIC will be a faithful adaptation of the original stage musical by Rodgers & Hammerstein along with bookwriters Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, retelling the historically-based story for a whole new generation. Furthermore, it will be broadcast live, thereby instantly adding an enticing new level of immediacy and excitement to the proceedings. Get ready to reintroduce your family to the most joyful, most emotional and most musical family adventure of them all!

THE SOUND OF MUSIC airs Thursday, December 5th at 8/7c, only on NBC. For more information on NBC's live presentation of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, visit the official site here.

An Ordinary Couple

So, now, let's take a look at some of Stephen Moyer's prior musical theatre-tinged turns and also preview his upcoming performance in THE SOUND OF MUSIC as we await the broadcast next week.

First up, Stephen Moyer discusses the finer points of her character and her overall preparation for starring in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

Now, here is the very first teaser trailer for THE SOUND OF MUSIC on NBC.

Next, check out this extensive look behind the scenes at rehearsals for THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

Stephen Moyer played Billy Flynn in this summer's Hollywood Bowl production of CHICAGO.

Sample Stephen Moyer's previous onscreen musical work with this turn in THE FINAL QUEST.

Lastly, enjoy this new featurette focusing on the music in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

So, what aspect of Stephen Moyer's upcoming performance in the live presentation of THE SOUND OF MUSIC are you looking forward to most? Is it to see how well the man we know and love as vampire Bill Compton performs in a classic musical? Is it for the chance to hear him croon a tune or two? Or, perhaps you are filled with excitement about seeing a whole new take on a classic character? Whatever the case may be, THE SOUND OF MUSIC is the must-see movie musical event of the year!

Let's hope it's an "Edelweiss" for the ages - forever.

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