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FLASH FRIDAY: Singing With The Stars - An Audience Participation Extravaganza With Kristin Chenoweth & Sarah Horn, Etc.

The inspirational and true story of fan Sarah Horn and her remarkable impromptu duet with idol Kristin Chenoweth has become a much-discussed sensation and today we look at some highlights of stars singing with their fans and the magic that can result.

FLASH FRIDAY: Singing With The Stars - An Audience Participation Extravaganza With Kristin Chenoweth & Sarah Horn, Etc.Defying Gravity

"Defying Gravity" is the most memorable and noted song from Stephen Schwartz's well-known and widely-sung score for WICKED, yet the epic Act One anthem is matched in its power and poignancy by a tender, touching ballad that ends the show - "For Good", originally introduced in the Broadway production by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. While what Sarah Horn did last week on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl before sixteen thousand awestruck fans is nothing short of a real-life moment of defying gravity - just like green witch Elphaba does when she finally takes flight in the mega-hit musical - it is the unrehearsed, pure nature of the moment that makes it one to really remember and watch again and again.

Then, there is the audience's inevitable reaction - and, in this case, what a thrall it was!

Not unlike when Susan Boyle astounded judge extraordinaire Simon Cowell - and, subsequently, the world - with her X FACTOR "I Dreamed A Dream" audition a few years ago, with a voice of sheer heaven emanating from an unsuspected source, so, too was heretofore unknown Sarah Horn's Hollywood Bowl appearance onstage with Kristin Chenoweth a surprising and spontaneous moment of performing arts magic conjured up before our very eyes and ears. And, when assured and astoundingly adept vocalist Horn launches into harmony with the tiny, Tony Award-winning dynamo known as Kristin Chenoweth it is suddenly a moment worthy of the Great White Way itself - all of this resulting from a mere audience poll at the event inquiring about fans of Chenoweth and WICKED. With Horn now poised to return to the vaunted venue on September 8 at ABBA-Fest and while there perhaps performing a tune or two, the world awaits to see what the latest viral sensation will do - and sing - next.

FLASH FRIDAY: Singing With The Stars - An Audience Participation Extravaganza With Kristin Chenoweth & Sarah Horn, Etc.As spectacular and lightning-in-a-bottle as the thankfully preserved video clip of Horn and Chenoweth's WICKED duet undoubtedly is, there is a rich assortment of similarly themed material available to view online, with some arguably equally unexpected and unmistakably entertaining content to enjoy. Among the performers who utilize the audience interaction element in their live shows who we will take a look at and listen to today are Josh Groban, Lea Salonga, Idina Menzel, Michael Buble, Patti LuPone and many, many more.

A live show by Broadway's best is always sure to thrill, but the addition of a surprise guest - particularly one with previously unknown major vocal prowess - clearly can cause a chill or two, too.

Indeed, "For Good" byway of Kristin Chenoweth and Sarah Horn as preserved in this live moment will forever be a spine-tingler.

For Good

So, now, let's look at the video clip of the week - Kristin Chenoweth and Sarah Horn's "For Good" - as well as some clips of other performers sharing the stage and/or the sound system with a fan for a special song.

First up, here is Kristin Chenoweth and Sarah Horn's "For Good" from last Friday night's show at the Hollywood Bowl.

On the following night, Chenoweth joined with Boston Conservatory student Kellie McKay for a rousing rendition of the same song.

Next, witness Tony-winning WICKED star Idina Menzel joining with an audience member or two for a duet on her RENT standard "Take Me Or Leave Me", with some jaw-dropping results.

Now, watch this shocking clip of a seriously talented audience member at a Josh Groban concert. Wow!

Popular concert performer and recording artist Michael Buble sings with a 15-year-old at a live event - with some pretty wild results!

After that, see Groban share the stage with a young standout - 14-year-old soprano super-fan Anastasia.

One of the most popular vocalists in the world, Celine Dion duets with rising star - and ultimate fan - Charice.

With one more Groban duet - he apparently enjoys audience participation; and, rightly so, given the results - see him share a song with an adorable 3-year-old! "Old enough to sing," indeed!

Similarly, Bruce Springsteen hands over the mic to a four-year-old for a verse of one of his big hits.

Check out pop superstar Beyonce's reaction to a fan's superb singing of her tricky international hit "Halo" at a live concert.

Music icon Billy Joel musically collaborates with a young student onstage in this viral hit with a winning outcome.

International pop superstar Bruno Mars passionately serenades a fan at a live show earlier this month.

Justin Bieber leads the crown in giving a concertgoer an onstage birthday tribute.

Adele lets the audience in on huge hit "Someone Like You".

KINKY BOOTS Tony-winner Cyndi Lauper offers up a "Happy Birthday" to a fan as only she can at a live concert.

Lady Gaga brings the audience in on a musical homage to her own mother - Grandmama Monster - in honor of her birthday.

Folk pop icon Paul Simon lets an audience member in on the action with a spirited "Gumboots" duet at a live gig.

Rock legend Rod Stewart shares the stage - and the mic - with a fan for a verse or two.

Punk rock band Green Day allows a young fan onstage to perform a hard rocker with the collective.

THE WIZ's Stephanie Mills sings one of her hits to an unsuspecting concert attendee in this exciting clip.

Broadway/West End superstar Lea Salonga shocks the audience when she duets with young performer and fan Jared Young on ALADDIN's "A Whole New World".

Broadway royalty Patti LuPone also recently gave one lucky UK fan the chance to croon a LES MISERABLES musical moment with the living legend live onstage.

While Anna Kendrick is a stage and screen star, she is also a huge WICKED fan - and, as proof, just watch her reaction singing "For Good" with Kristin Chenoweth at this charity event. Simply stunning!

Carly Simon was recently a surprise onstage guest to super-fan and mega-star recording artist Taylor Swift where they sang a new duet rendition of Simon's iconic "You're So Vain".

Country superstar Carrie Underwood makes an unexpected onstage cameo at a live show to duet with Brad Paisley.

Justin Timberlake surprises fans by joining them to sing his recent hit "Mirrors" as part of a promotional campaign. Oh-oh!

As a vintage bonus, see what happens when Carol Burnett allows an audience member to show off their skills during a Q&A segment for her classic variety show in 1977 - performing A CHORUS LINE's "What I Did For Love", no less!

If given the chance to participate in an onstage performance at a live event with your own musical idol, would you take the opportunity and shine in the spotlight like Sarah Horn and some of the others featured in our clip collection today or would you perhaps let fear of humiliation get the better of you? Clearly, if the ingredients are just right, a combustible combination is possible to occur.

So, as Summer winds down, find the time to attend a concert containing some audience participation near you some night soon and see if you can become an overnight sensation like Ms. Horn, too!

FLASH FRIDAY: Singing With The Stars - An Audience Participation Extravaganza With Kristin Chenoweth & Sarah Horn, Etc.

Photo Credits: BroadwayWorld

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