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Duncan Sheik On Lea Michele, SPRING AWAKENING & Upcoming Concert Gigs

Duncan Sheik On Lea Michele, SPRING AWAKENING & Upcoming Concert GigsTony Award-winning composer and recognizable concert performer Duncan Sheik sheds some light on his upcoming concert appearances as well as looks back at his Broadway smash SPRING AWAKENING as part of a new interview.

Describing the set-list for his current shows, Sheik says, "What I've been doing lately is having three parts to my set: one part is songs from my catalogue, then there's one part that will be material from various theater projects, and then there will be another part that's kind of brand spanking new! But it depends on the context. If I'm playing in a rock club or it's a fancy theater or it's an outdoor show, I'll adjust the set list to fit the venue."

Additionally, Sheik reveals a SPRING AWAKENING alum has joined him on tour.

"I also have a singer, one of the girls who was in "Spring Awakening," Kimiko Glenn is going to probably come to at least a couple of these shows if not the whole run," Sheik shares.

Plus, Sheik says of toning down SPRING AWAKENING star Lea Michele's tendancy torwards grandiose while working with her on that project, "Yeah, and I was in a constant battle with her. "Stop doing that Lea, just stop it!" [laughing] But she grew up doing "LES MISERABLES," so it's a very different world and a very different kind of singing. But now, frankly, she's really able to do both. However, when we first started doing "Spring Awakening," she was pretty stuck in that theater mode."

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