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Craig Zadan & Neil Meron Talk HAIR Live, A FEW GOOD MEN and Reviving SMASH

Craig Zadan & Neil Meron Talk HAIR Live, A FEW GOOD MEN and Reviving SMASH

Recently, the JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Live producers Craig Zadan & Neil Meron sat down with IndieWire and chatted about their upcoming projects.

First on everyone's mind, is NBC's upcoming live musical project, HAIR. The pair stated, "we're looking to do something edgy and special and kind of revolutionary...sadly, the country is in a state where its timely yet again with student protests and the riots."

In regard to how HAIR's infamous use of nudity will be translated to broadcast television, they stated "we honestly will not go beyond what we can get away with."

Next on everyone's mind is an update on A FEW GOOD MEN Live. Zadan and Meron both stated that "the only reason we didn't do it is because Aaron Sorkin called us." And asked to "delay it about a year."

According to the pair, Sorkin is planning to do a major rewrite of the script stating, "it's dazzling what he's planning to do."

Zadan and Meron also chatted about BYE BYE BIRDIE Live stating, "there's always a chance for BYE BYE BIRDIE but I don't think its going to be in the immediate future."

Finally, Zadan and Meron discussed SMASH and the possibility of it moving to Broadway. They stated, "it took a little while for us to decide upon a concept that would satisfy all of us we were emailing back and forth with Bob Greenblatt about the next steps to get it to Broadway."

To listen to the full podcast, check out the link below:


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