China Chinese National Orchestra Performs 'Special Moonlight'

China Chinese National Orchestra Performs 'Special Moonlight'

Special Moonlight-China Chinese National Orchestra Multimedia Concert

Conductor: Liu Sha
Performer: Zhao Cong, Tang Feng, Zhu Jianping, Wu Yuxia, Wang Ciheng, Wu Xuewei, Li Yuanyuan, Wu Lin
Host: Geng Liang, Zhang Silu
Singer: Xie Lin, Yinhe Siqin Group

Venue: Theatre
Dates: Feb. 21-23, 2010?19:30
Price: VIP?480?380?280?180?100 RMB

China Chinese National Orchestra
As the most representative domestic orchestra of Chinese traditional music, China Central Chinese Orchestra consists of a Chinese instruments band and a choir. The founder of the Orchestra was Li Huanzhi, the former Chair of Chinese Musicians Association and its current President is Xi Qiang. Since the creation of China Central Chinese Orchestra the musical life of the nation has been greatly enriched; a great number of traditional folk music have been adapted and recomposed.

Since its establishment, the orchestra has visited dozens of countries and regions in five continents many times, apart from its domestic road shows. In 1993, it founded the Orchestra Asia jointly with Ensemble Nipponia and South Korean National Orchestra to facilitate the creation and exchange of national music in Asia. In 1997, at the invitation of ICM from the U.S., it performed in dozens of American cities like New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles, and co-performed with the world-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma in Carnegie Hall. The orchestra held the China New Year's Day Concerts in Goldener Saal Wiener Musikvereins and Berlin Philarmonie in 1998 and 1999 respectively. It also performed for the opening ceremony of "Sino-French Culture Year" in 2003, bringing road shows for audiences in 11 French cities; and the year 2005 saw its performance in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. All these performances have succeeded. As the new century is around the corner, the orchestra has invited famous composers both at home and abroad to create many new works as well.

Orchestral Music
Spring Festival Overture
Composer: Li Huanzhi

Carmen Overture
Composer: Bizet

Pipa & Orchestra
Moonlight of Spring River
Ancient music

My Sun
Italian folk song
Arr.: Liu Wenjin
Pipa Solo: Zhao Cong

Erhu & Orchestra
The Ant
Composer: Liu Guangyu
Erhu Solo: Tang Feng

Marimba & Orchestra
Flight of the Bumble-Bee
Composer: N.Rimsky-Korsakoff
Marimba Solo: Zhu Jianping

Pipa & Orchestra
The Swan
Composer: Liu Dehai
Pipa Solo: Wu Yuxia

The Swan
Composer: Saint Saens
Pipa Solo: Wu Yuxia

Flute & Orchestra
Busy In Delivering Grain
Composer: Wei Xianzhong
Flute Solo: Wang Ciheng

Sheng & Orchestra
Spanish Matador
Sheng Performer: Wu Xuewei

Erhu & Orchestra
The Moon Reflected on the Er-quan Spring
Composer: Hua Yanjun
Erhu Solo: Li Yuanyuan

Harp & Orchestra
Claire De Lune
Composer: Claude Debussy
Harp Solo: Wu Lin

Plucked Instruments Ensemble (Jiangnan String Music)
San Liu

Orchestral Music
Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
Composer: Johann Strauss

Vocal Performance
The Variation of Ma Yi La
Xinjiang Kazakh Folk Song
Singer: Xie Lin

Matouqin & Orchestra
Galloping Horses
Composer: Qi Baoligao

Erhu & Orchestra
Composer: Monti
Performer: Yinhe Siqin Group

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