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Cattrall Comments On SWEET BIRD, SEX & THE CITY & More

Cattrall Comments On SWEET BIRD, SEX & THE CITY & MoreRecognizable stage and screen notable Kim Cattrall is treading the boards once again in her new starring role as part of the Old Vic's new production of SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH by Tennessee Williams and the comely SEX & THE CITY siren opens up about her sultry stage performance and how it relates to her iconic role of Samantha Jones and much more in a new interview.

Cattrall states of her character in the sexy drama, co-starring Seth Numrich, and how it pertains to her own rising up through the ranks as an actress, "Playing Alexandra Del Lago was incredibly appealing to me, as this is territory that I know. I was a Universal contract player when I was very young, which I am sure Alexandra Del Lago would have been too. As a teenager, making my first films, I saw this world of incredible privilege, but the lifestyle was also sometimes very unhealthy. We worked long hours, often far away from our families, going from location to location - you didn't really have a lot of time to grow up."

She adds, "Alexandra is very sexy, very beautiful, and has been a huge star for most of her life, but now she's at a point where she's not getting the work that she once did. She left the business, but was convinced to try a comeback - and it's a huge failure. She has had a succession of failed marriages, and no children, and she wants to be an artist, to be taken seriously, not just to be objectified. All these things happen to beautiful women in Hollywood. I looked at all that and I thought: this is an interesting story."

Additionally, Cattrall says, "In the play there is never a mention of Alexandra wanting to have children, but she is a career woman, and I don't think that she would have really wanted to be a mother. Her creations were her children. She gives this wonderful speech where she says to Chance: 'Look at you, what have you done with your life? And look at me, out of the torment and excruciating experiences that I have had in my life, I have sculpted something.' A lot of artists feel that way about their creations - that they are almost like a sculpture that you can look at and get satisfaction from, much as you would at your children. You are the bearer of them - those creations live within your head and your heart, and you celebrate them when they have triumphs, and you mourn them when they are killed, when it comes to an end."

Cattrall also reveals that theatre is closest to her heart, despite considerable success in other areas of entertainment. "Theatre is my first love, and one of the reasons I wanted to be an actor; it is where I caught the bug, and where I always return. And in the theatre there are still great roles for women. When I came to London to make my West End debut in 2005 [as Claire, a paralysed woman who wants to die in Whose Life Is It Anyway?] it was like I was coming home, because England was where I had first been to the theatre," Cattrall says.

SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH plays June 1-August 31 at The Old Vic Theatre in London's West End.

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