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Broadwaysted Ranks their Favorite Movie Musicals and Chats with the Cast of the Off-Broadway FRIENDS Parody

Broadwaysted Ranks their Favorite Movie Musicals and Chats with the Cast of the Off-Broadway FRIENDS ParodyThis week the Broadwaysted Crew is making a list and checking it twice...though we probably should have actually checked the list twice!

Bryan, Kevin, and Kimberly are pouring out a few rounds of alcoholic mango iced tea and ranking the Top 15 Movie Musicals that haven't had a notable stage production but really should (and even one that has had a stage production...whoops!) Here's the list of candidates (in no specific order): SING STREET, HERCULES, MULAN, ALL THAT JAZZ, LA LA LAND, SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, & UNCUT, 8 MILE, THAT THING YOU DO, THIS IS SPINAL TAP, PURPLE RAIN, A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, ENCHANTED, THE JUNGLE BOOK, PITCH PERFECT, and HIGH SOCIETY.

(SPOILER ALERT: HIGH SOCIETY was turned into a musical which premiered on Broadway in 1998. Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Tony. We blame this oversight on #WhatAreYouDrinking)

Listen in to find out the surprising movies each Broadwaysted host champions and our final Top 15 Ranking--play along to see if you agree with our list!

This week, Kevin also stops by Central Perk for an Off-Broadwaysted segment with the cast of FRIENDS THE MUSICAL PARODY: Alan Trinca (Joey), Lisa Graye (Monica), Patricia Sabulis (Rachel), Seth Blum (Chandler and many more), Katie Johantgen (Phoebe), Landon Zwick (Ross), and show creator Bob McSmith (Gunther). The cast talks about preparing to parody these iconic characters, their favorite Friends episodes, and the epic lines that audiences can't help but shout out. FRIENDS THE MUSICAL PARODY will be there for you through March, so check out friendsmusicalparody.com.

Listen to the episode here:

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