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Broadway Rewind: Will Chase and Malcom Gets Turn the Page on THE STORY OF MY LIFE!

As Broadway braces for a month of darkness, BroadwayWorld wants to make sure that you still get your theatre fix each and every day until it's back. In our daily series Broadway Rewind, we're uncovering footage from the depths of our archives so that you can relive magical moments of Broadway past!

"What I loved the most about this episode', says BroadwayWorld's own Richard Ridge, "was following the journey of the 2009 musical The Story of My Life. This episode of Broadway Rewind looks at the ill- fated musical, which featured two wonderful performances by Will Chase and Malcolm Gets, but we start off at a rehearsal for Michael Jacobs play 'Impressionism' directed by Jack O'Brien. It welcomed back to Broadway, Tony Award winners Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen along with Marsha Mason, Aaron Lazar and Andre De Shields. Director Jack O'Brien told me why he had to do this play, 'It's about us. We haven't had a really witty, wise, romantic comedy in New York, in a long time and I've got this gorgeous cast.' Joan Allen said,

"For audiences who never got to see The Story of My Life here is your chance. The show featured two knockout performances by Will Chase and Malcolm Gets. Director Richard Maltby Jr. told me what attracted him to this piece by Neil Bartram and Brian Hill. 'I first saw it when it was presented at BMI, just four songs, and they really didn't have the rest of it written but it was clear in those four songs that they were onto something. They were going to tell a story about friendship, and none had ever really done that. Particularly, a friendship between two men.'"

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