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Broadway Bound Theatre Festival Announces Participants in Inaugural Season


Broadway Bound Theatre Festival's mission in its inaugural year is to refresh the festival scene by working closely with its playwrights throughout the production process, as they develop their work for the bigger stage.

With a goal of becoming a launching pad for regional, Off-Broadway and Broadway transfers, all shows selected for the festival have received script critiques from a panel of award-winning playwrights and producers. They are then mentored in every detail of successful showcasing by industry professionals.

 “The result is a handpicked series of great, never-before-seen work that will provide to be a fantastical theatrical experience for our audiences,” says Lenore Skomal, BBTF director.

This all-encompassing education leads participants through designing marketing graphics, generating press releases, honing elevator pitches, building fan bases, specifying target audiences, and understanding the importance of a strong production team—including lighting and set design— in creating fully-realized performances.

Get ready for a curated showcase of exceptional new works in this community-building, joyous celebration of staged theatre. Performances run July 30 through August 20, 2017 at the Theatre at the 14th Street Y.

BBTF... more than just a bunch of plays. See what makes them different and book online at:


Facebook: @BroadwayBoundFestival |

Twitter: @BroadwayBoundTF | | #BBTFNY

Proudly presented in association with Bear In Mind Creative and made possible in part with special support from Carlstrom Productions.



BROADWAY BOUND THEATRE FESTIVAL 2017 (alphabetical order)



After a young woman is diagnosed with cancer, she and her fiancé find their relationship tested by the hidden resentments the illness brings out in her family.

ADAM AND BRIAN - Craig Donnelly

Following a brutal attack by three strangers, a New York City gay couple finds themselves unrecognizable to each other as they deal with the physical and emotional damage that threatens to destroy their relationship.

BEDLAM - Neath Williams

While in combat, a young Marine and his unit cope with the fallout of a fellow soldier's suicide, forcing him to face his own battle with depression.

CONVICTED - Riley Thomas

While on community service, an intern at an equal rights coalition in NYC kidnaps a young boy he believes is being abused by his fundamentalist mother.

IMAGE - Jack Rushen

When a red-hot pop star suffers a heroin overdose, her opportunistic publicist sends a shark-like saleswoman to secure an exclusive contract from her mother, resulting in a battle of wills that questions the definitions of success, loyalty and humanity.


When Junior shows up unexpectedly at his father's house, the two men are forced to confront their distant past and all that's been left in its wake.

IN THE ROOM, WAITING - Thaddeus McCants

Hospital waiting rooms are usually reserved for an ominous monotony. This one is anything but that. As a young couple awaits the results of a pregnancy evaluation, this play takes a moving and comical look at fate, choice and compassion.

KEYS - Mark Adrian Ford

In a vast chamber filled with keys, a destitute Heroina fends off rivals, con artists, guards and judges while searching for the one key that will unlock the door to Paradise.

MINE - Maria Deasy

When a group of miners are trapped after an explosion, a paralegal from the mining company's law firm is sent on a journey from Manhattan to West Virginia and back again, questioning herself and the values of the world around her.

MUST WIN - Larry Phillips

A Texas high school football coach, facing enormous pressure to win at all costs, must decide what's more important: his ethics or his job.

OUT THERE - Lina Sarrello

Inspired by true events, the search for change is deftly told through three interconnected stories of the Cuban fight for freedom over the last 60 years.


In this corner: Paul, the Speaker of the House. In that corner: Joshua, the unlikeliest of assassins. S**t's about to get "bigly."

POOR BOYS' CHORUS - Brian Kettler

A daring trick by a mysterious illusionist at the summer carnival inspires a rich girl to convince an orphan boy to break all of the town's rules. The Poor Boys' Chorus proudly presents a tale so tragically romantic it'll take your breath away. Literally.


Jay Chas pieces together the fragments of his life, family and relationship using running as his escape, his nemesis and ultimately, his peacemaker.

SKELETONS - Amy da Luz

When a crisis forces a family back together, each member's dysfunctional Skeleton has to share the same cramped closet and their social skills are clearly lacking. Long buried resentments and painful secrets are exposed.


Come meet the colorful, diverse citizens of Anitola Parish, a town built on Jesus, Wal-Mart and glittery nail polish!


After a tragic car crash wipes out her memories of the last 10 years, a wife wakes up in a hospital room searching for answers as she is unwittingly observed through a two-way mirror by her husband and her doctor.

SYMPATHY IN C - Suzanne Mernyk

Like a musical ensemble, six voices intertwine to expose the emotional and physical assault of cancer and terrorism - both as an attack on the individual and our social body.


In a Tucson, Arizona safe house, a young illegal immigrant and her merciless human smuggler engage in a battle of wills as they await a phone call of final payment from her husband, which may or may not come.


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