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#BWWPrompts: Which Broadway Character Would You Want to Be Quarantined With and Why?

We want to hear from you! We're starting #BwayWorldPrompts, where each day we'll be asking our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Today we asked: Which Broadway character would you want to be quarantined with and why?

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"Michael mell. We could play video games listen to music and just chill" - @be.more.hansen13

"Barbara from Beetlejuice because she's the sweetest person ever and she would be very positive about the whole situation (also Kerry Butler!!)" -@ilovekerrybutler

"Elsa, for sure. She knows how to do quarantine better than anyone, AND she has magical powers." @AshlynMBarnett

"If I were to be quarantined with a character, I'd probably choose Zoe Murphy from Dear Evan Hansen. We've got a lot in common, so we'd get along well. We could draw stars all over our jeans, she could teach me guitar (I've been dying to learn but haven't had the right instructions), and we could fill out those teen magazines she works on. How fun would that be??" - @reddierat

"Spongebob, so we could stay at home and sing together the indoor song with used napkin, chip and penny" @shiplo.spongebobbway


"Jenna from @WaitressMusical. Because pie" -@_kyleeMarie_

"Definitely the Genie from Aladdin because I could just wish the virus didn't exist and I'd get an amazing tap number" -@nicoleheilos

"The Phantom, he's a pro dealing with solitude." -@Wicked74303

"Beetle juice, because things would never get boring." @ryan_wessner

"Beulah from @wecomefromaway because of her kindness and stupid jokes and skill of always making me feel better and less anxious! Thank you to all the CFA casts and crew members, but especially to @SankoffandHein, @Beltress and @astridvanwieren for everything!" -@Dovey08261451


"Lola from kinky boots for showing that being the best of who we are will bring out the best in others." - Ceren Laydon

"Cinderella from Into the Woods- she doesn't mind cleaning, she can talk to birds, she's good with kids, and she's kind-hearted." - Kimberly Snyder

"Shrek, cuz I'm looking like an ogre myself and he won't judge." -Stacey Devaney

"Emmet from legally blonde. He's a sweetheart and a good person. He'd be fun to talk current events with and just be around in general and goof off with but he's also a good motivator." - Lauryn Stuart

"Benjamin Coffin III... because ultimately he'd let me live rent free... and also, HE WAS RIGHT." - Anthony Vitalo

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