BWW Spotlight Interview: Susan Egan and Georgia Stitt Are 'All Knocked Up (again!)'

By: Jul. 29, 2009
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BroadwayWorld sat down with Susan Egan and Georgia Stitt to learn a little bit more about their upcoming gig, "All Knocked Up (again!) which will take place at NYC's Metropolitan Room on Saturday, August 1 at 9:45pm and again on Sunday, August 2 at 9:30pm. 

From Tony nominations and major Film & TV credits to critically acclaimed CDs and world concert tours, these two talented ladies are, today, enormous figures in the Entertainment Industry. Come join these gal pals for a raucous evening as they sing their own tunes and others amidst juicy gossip and the occassional pee break! 

The Metropolitan Room is located at 34 West 22nd St between 5th & 6th Ave. Tel: 212 206 0440.


BWW: The name of your concert is "All Knocked Up (again)".  How EVER did you come up with the title?
I was pregnant three years ago when All Shook Up was on Broadway, so I did a Susan Egan: All KNOCKED Up show. Love the shock factor of that, too. And it sets the tone that this is a night of silly fun. But this time it's 100% better because now there are TWO of us... And Georgia is brilliant, so I drugged her and made her join the cult!
Georgia: She's clever, that Susan Egan.

BWW:  What  can the audience expect this weekend? Why should they come out to the Metropolitan room?
First, the Met Room is beautiful and has the best sound ever! Second, Georgia and I are ridiculous people both visually and philosophically! I think the show is loads of fun. We do discuss motherhood and how it's affected our lives and careers, but this is NOT just for moms. I think what shines through the most is Georgia's and my friendship, and of course we're highlighting many of her stellar songs! 
Georgia: Wouldn't you want to come see two fat and bloated ladies sing about their bellies?  Really, we've tried to build an evening that's comic but also heartfelt, something that draws from the fact that the two of us really are good friends and are excited to be going through this at the same time.  And while we are doing some standard songs that are even funnier when sung by pregnant ladies, there are also several songs just about motherhood or about marriage or even show business.


BWW:  Some might say this is the time to relax, take it easy - not traveling coast to coast performing.  What is it about performing (and this show in particular) that you enjoy?
Huh? Relax? I'm not sure what that word means. Remember, Georgia and I already have pre-schooler daughters to chase around! Adding a small show schedule to that is NOTHING. Ha! 
Honestly, with our lives, we find we really only get the creativity going musically if we give ourselves deadlines. That's our technique. And voilà! Georgia and I both wrote new songs for this show -- Georgia more than me; she also arranged most of the show! We hire a sitter for a few hours, Nina and Molly play and have fun, and G and I write a show ... it's a win, win, win for all. And the show is a blast. 
Georgia: Relax?  I'm sorry -- I don't think I understand the question.  What does that mean? In general, I love performing because I love working with singers.  Because I'm primarily a composer and lyricist, I spend a lot of time alone in a room writing songs.  So it's the thrill of all time for me to put those songs in another singer's voice and see what she does with them. Working with Susan is a dream, too.  She's smart and funny and musical and she now knows almost everything I've written. It's a treat to share the stage with her and to introduce our audiences to each other!


BWW:  How has motherhood changed how you connect with your material? Any specific examples?
Quite a bit. In fact my own cabaret is constantly evolving with what is occurring in my own life, so motherhood is a natural addition to it. This show with Georgia is similar; there is even a Georgia original song called Me Of The Moment. That says it all. These are songs that reflect where each of us is right now -- much of it funny! We also do a medley of standards that when sung by pregnant women ... well, their whole meaning changes somehow: "I've got you under my skin..." you get the picture. :)
Georgia: I just think I have a different perspective now.  It's not all about me and my career anymore, so the things I write about are different.  I was amazed in putting this show together how many original songs I already had that were about mothers and children.  There's one song I sing in the show (brilliantly titled "The Baby Song") that I wrote before I had ever been pregnant.  And now that I've been pregnant twice, it resonates very differently.


BWW:  How/Has motherhood changed your career path?  Where do you see yourselves in, say, 10 years?
It has slowed me way down as far Asa touring schedule. Part of the reason G and I wanted to do this show now is that we both know it will be much more difficult when we each have two kids. At the same time having children has increased my material of stories and experiences! I'm loving this new chapter in my life! 10 years? Hmmm. Growing veggies on my farm outside Seattle, with Rob and the kids helping raise alpacas and living off the grid. That's one version. Just have to work a tap number into it somehow!
Georgia: Motherhood for me means everything is a balancing act.  If I want to spend a day writing, I have to hire a babysitter. Going out of town requires unbelievable coordination and organization.  Thank goodness my daughter is easily adaptable and likes being around people.  I think since my first daughter was born I have made a big shift to music direct less and write more.  The writing is very gratifying and allows me to be in my own house more often, plus there's a longevity to a writer's career that is less available for a performer or a music director.  I like having this much control of the work I do and the hours I keep. So, ten years from now, I hope I'm still writing songs and shows and then flying around the world to be involved in productions of them.  And, every now and then I wouldn't mind conducting some big event with a fabulous orchestra.  That sounds good.


BWW:  Have either of you noticed a performer-to-be in Nina or Molly?  What advice would you give them if they said "Mommy - i want to be in show business!"
Oh Lord! We're pushing math and science!
Georgia: Molly sings all day every day and says she wants to be "a famous singer" when she grows up.  As far as her career goes, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  For now I don't mind at all.  She's around music and theater all the time.  How could I expect anything else?


BWW:  What have you both been up to lately besides preparing for the concert and the new arrivals?
I'm still recording for Disney; love those princess projects! I'm also still doing symphony concerts a few times a month. That and toilet training Nina ... it's a glamorous life. The perfect combo to keep a gal humble and appreciative!
Georgia: I'm writing a one-woman show with book writer Cheri Steinkellner (Sister Act, Princesses) and a musical revue with David Kirshenbaum (Vanities, Summer of 42).  Trying to get both of those shows into good shape before I disappear for a few months into baby land.  And I have two book musicals out in the world, trying to find their way, and the beginnings of several other shows.  There's a second CD in the works but it will likely have to wait until I resurface from the trenches.

BWW:  So - do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? Care to share any names picked out?
Susan: I do know and we do have a name ... But mum's the word.
Georgia: Yes, I know, but I'm not sharing yet.  Gotta have something to announce!


BWW:  Pregnancy cliches: Do strangers come up and want to touch your belly? Do they offer you advice and/or tell you their birthing stories (like in the musical "Baby")?  Any cravings you're having?
Susan: What are you kidding? They don't even give you a seat on the subway! ;)
Georgia: I haven't gotten many people touching my belly, but everyone has a piece of advice.  For the most part, I don't mind hearing the advice.  I feel like having a baby makes you a member of a different club, and I'm happy to be initiated by the wisdom of those who have already done it.  No weird cravings for me, though I will admit that there are days when chicken tastes like cardboard.

BWW:  What advice would you give to other performers getting ready to start a family?
Susan: Be ready for all priorities to change forever. Career becomes third or fourth on the list, and that is as it should be. 
Georgia: When I had Molly I remember feeling desperate that if I didn't keep present and busy I would disappear from the public eye and people would forget about who I was and the work I was trying to do. So I scrambled to stay busy, toting a 3-month old nursing child around to rehearsals and auditions and writing sessions.  The truth is, nobody forgot, and the work was still there when I was ready to come back to it.  I learned a lot about balance from the first go-round, and I'm hoping to be a bit more relaxed and trusting this time.  That's the only advice I would dare to give -- seek balance.  You just can't do it all at the same time.

BWW:  When are you both due?
Susan: December for me. A nice holiday gift! 
Georgia: I'm due at the end of October.  Three months to go!

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