BWW Review: TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH by Andrew Rannells Takes You Intimately Inside His Life for an Unexpected Journey

BWW Review: TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH by Andrew Rannells Takes You Intimately Inside His Life for an Unexpected Journey

When I found out Andrew Rannells was writing a book I was immediately excited! Ever since I had the opportunity to see Rannells in The Book of Mormon, he has become one of my favorite actors - both in theatre and television. I couldn't wait to read all about his life and how he got where he is today - plus read stories about the amazing theatre productions, tv shows, and films that he has been in. You know those memes of "expectations vs. reality" where the "reality" is never quite living up to the "expectations?" That was this book and my ideas about it except the only upside about the "reality" of Too Much Is Not Enough was that it is a really good read for an autobiography. The actual story itself is just not what I expected, but to be fair, this is a far more interesting story that we are given as readers. It's definitely one I never expected to read with how intimate he let us get.

Rannells truly deep dives into his youth to figure out his path from Omaha to New York City and we take the journey with him. He doesn't sugarcoat details, which might make some moments uncomfortable for the reader with his blunt honesty, but it's refreshing to know he is comfortable putting his truth out there raw and open with us. I'm not sure I could be so thread-baring knowing my closest people, and the entire world, might be reading what I wrote, but he did it with ease and humor. When Rannells writes you get a clear picture of what happened and it feels like you are experiencing every event vividly just like it is your own memory instead of it just being words wrote on a paper to describe an event. I have to keep telling myself that I never met Debbie Harry at a club...

BWW Review: TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH by Andrew Rannells Takes You Intimately Inside His Life for an Unexpected Journey
Andrew Rannells
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I think some of the best parts of the book is when he shows his vulnerability and struggles. There is a way for any type of person to relate to him - if you are struggling with sexual issues, friendship issues, family issues, or work issues, he been through it all. He writes about it openly and honestly to make the reader feel less alone. You may never actually really know Andrew Rannells, but the way he writes make you feel like you have a friend who has been there before and understands.

My only caveat is that the book ends too soon. It ends beautifully and the final chapter closes it out nicely, but any fan of Rannells, or even if you just read the author's profile on the book jacket, will know his career is flourishing and where it ends is nowhere near where you expect the book to finish. I know books can't go on forever, but I could have read a book twice the size that was wrote by him! Here's to hoping a second book comes out one day picking up where this one left off because his narrating skills are very entertaining and make for a wonderful read - whether or not you are a fan of his. So, yes, Andrew Rannells, in the case of your book though, Too Much Is Not Enough, it is definitely not enough because this was a wonderful read and I would love more it! Part two coming soon? *Fingers crossed*

Too Much Is Not Enough by Andrew Rannells is currently available everywhere. For more information or to get your own copy, head to

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