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BWW JR: Awesome Allie: First Kid Astronaut


Given all that has been happening on planet Earth lately....Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Middle-East unrest, Charlie seems like a perfect moment to take off into outer space and to explore our options elsewhere. And that's exactly what Allie, a nine-year-old dreamer from Skokie, Illinois, sets out to do in the Vital Theatre Company's latest production, AWESOME ALLIE: FIRST KID ASTRONAUT.

After some rather impressive special effects involving the floating apparition of a goofy, colorful alien (see, it CAN be done for under 65 million), we meet Allie, a somewhat isolated, only child who has trouble relating to her video-game obsessed peers. Perhaps it's Allie's inability to connect with other kids that explains her urge to soar. Allie dreams of being the first kid astronaut....of leaving her lonely world and traveling billions of miles into the cosmos to find that elusive childhood prize: A true BFF.

Lucky for us (or for the two through seven year olds I saw enjoying the show this weekend), Allie gets her chance. The President of the United States addresses the nation to announce that he has made contact with an adorable alien from Pluto who, through a series of hoots and whistles, indicates that only a certain little girl can communicate the alien's message to planet Earth. Despite her mother's reservations, Allie is chosen for the job. Setting off on an adventure somewhat reminiscent of "The Wizard of Oz", Allie meets three friends along her journey: A calculating computer, a talking dog and a dancing robot. Each of them helps the mission in their own way.

Allie learns a lot on her travels. We get a few interesting, musical lessons on everything from the alphabet to basic astronomy. But the most important lesson has to do with the one thing earth-bound Allie has been searching for all along: true friendship. We get to watch as Allie discovers why she's been such a loner tucked away in her rocket-ship bedroom back in Illinois: Friendship doesn't just come to you....You have to earn it.

At the end of the show, the Vital Theatre Company continues it's tradition of letting the kids meet the cast in the lobby. It was the perfect way to end to this unique, musical quest for friendship.


• A funny, quirky musical that educates as it entertains and delivers an important message about the importance of friendships and how to earn them.
• Best for ages three to ten.
• Performances are Saturdays and Sundays at 11 and 1 with additional holiday shows the week of April 18.
• For more information including holiday performance schedules or to purchase tickets, visit the show's web site
• Playing at the Vital Theatre Company's McGinn/Cazale Theatre, 2162 Broadway, through April 26.
• Guaranteed to make you forget about Earthquakes, Tsunamis or Charlie Sheen. At least for an hour.

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