BWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to BACHELORETTE Couple Andi & Josh

BWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to BACHELORETTE Couple Andi & Josh

When we asked Broadway's "Lysistrata Jones," Patti Murin, to recap "The Bachelorette" Season Finale for BWW TV, I'm not sure who was more excited that she said yes, her or us. But there was no doubt who that she was way more excited when we asked if she wanted to represent BroadwayWorld TV on a conference call with "The Bachelorette's" newest engaged couple... and most recent reject.

If you haven't read Patti's recap yet, do yourself a favor and do it now, then check out the Q&A including a Patti's questions sprinkled in. We will have Patti's conference call with runner-up Nick tomorrow. So remember to come back to BWW TV and check that one out as well.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little bit of "Bachelorette" discussion during Patti's upcoming cabaret debut "Literally Patti Murin" on August 11th at 7:00pm at 54 Below. You aren't going to want to miss this concert folks, so get your tickets here.

Josh, I was actually just wondering if you had any problems with Nick's repeated attempts to contact Andi.

Josh: You know, I think it's all funny because I really don't pay any attention to Nick. I'm really just focused on Andi and I, and we have a phenomenal relationship, and that's all the past. I couldn't care less about him.

So Andi, you told Nick during "After The Final Rose" that you were never in love with him, and if you had been, you would have told him, but I noticed you also never told Josh that you were in love with him.

And then I saw last night on Jimmy Kimmel that you said it took you until the morning of the proposal to be sure Josh was the one for you. So I guess, does that mean you weren't in love with Josh either, until the very end? And why was your pick such a last minute decision if your feelings for Nick weren't as strong?

Andi: No, I think I said that if I felt like I loved Nick, then I would have said it, and I did feel like I loved Josh, and that's why I said it to him at the very end. When, you know, he was the last guy standing, I thought that was the appropriate time to tell him, and I wanted to share that with Josh.

Josh, when did you know that she was the right person for you, that this was something that you really wanted? How early on did that sort of hit you in the brain?

Josh: You know, when we first - when we shared our very first kiss, at that second rose ceremony, I knew we had something very, very special in the future, and when we had our hometown date, that is exactly when I really, truly fell in love with her, and I knew I would make her my wife.

So my question is all this whole season, you've been displayed as a former baseball player, but what are you doing now in Atlanta?

Josh: Yes, I'm a financial adviser. I've been a financial adviser for the last two years now. My body's all broken down from sports, so it's nice really getting to help people, and you know, help them out with their - with their lives and their futures.

Patti Murin: Hey, guys. Congratulations, it's so exciting.

Andi: Thank you.

Josh: Thank you very much.

Patti Murin: My question is actually for Andi. You said at the very last Rose Ceremony that you loved eachBWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to BACHELORETTE Couple Andi & Josh other from the first time you laid eyes on each other, both of you said that. And I was just curious, looking back on the whole season and watching it, does it seem now like it was a little bit of a formality to sort of get rid of everyone else so that you could finally have Josh at the end? Or how did that whole journey go for you?

Andi: You know, not really a formality, because here's the thing, and this is what I've told Josh too, is it's in hindsight I realized that it was love at first sight, but in the moment, like I just had this feeling, and it really took every single rose ceremony, and every relationship, and every date, to kind of like put a finger on what that feeling was. And that's what I told him in the proposal, is I didn't know until the very end that it was love, and that it was love the whole time.

Patti Murin: That's great. Congratulations.

Andi: Thank you.

Josh: Thank you.

So Andi, I know you were doing a lot of press at the beginning of the season. I think it was Jimmy Kimmel who kind of like joked that you had picked Josh in the end, and obviously you couldn't tell anybody.

But I'm wondering if people sort of guessed that it was always going to be him, both the fans that were tweeting at you, and the family, that - if they always knew it was him, because Nick sort of did have a (tense start) at the beginning.

Andi: You know, it's funny, a lot of people would come up to me, and I don't know if they predicted that Josh would be the one, but they were definitely like team Josh, we love Josh. So it's been hard to keep a straight face, knowing obviously that Josh was the one in the end, and just hearing all of this support for Josh. It's like every time I had to keep a straight face, so he made it tough for me, but it worked out good.

So now that you guys are out, and you're out of hiding, what's the first thing you guys plan to do as a couple?

Andi: Eat a big steak.

Josh: Yes, we're looking forward to going out to a nice dinner and eating a lot of food.

I was wondering if y'all could talk about your wedding plans, have you started making them, and what they look like if you have.

Andi: Well we have not really started making them. I think I'm going to enjoy being engaged for a little while, but I don't know, we're thinking maybe a spring wedding. Why not?

Josh: Yes, spring sounds great.

I wanted to ask you, Andi, will Juan Pablo be invited to your wedding, and why or why not?

Andi: Yes, I don't think he's going to be invited to my wedding. Yes, just going to be a soft no for now, unless he marries Nikki, then by default, which he knows about, he'll come to the wedding.

Yes, so I know you're really close to Nikki, so that was why I asked, so what ...

Andi: Yes, if he marries Nikki, he gets an invite. I hope he hears this. He better put a ring on it.

Josh, was it not painful at all to watch this show back, and to see some of the things Andi was saying about the other guys?

Josh: Yes, none of that stuff bothered me at all, because honestly I didn't watch it. I wanted her to enjoy the season herself, so I had - you know, she went and watched with her friend, (Kelly), and a couple of other friends, and I was at home just watching my parts with her, and I watched my parts with the other guys.

But I never watched any of their dates, and to be honest, she was very open and honest with me from the beginning, so I knew what happened, and I really could care less. We are so in love, we're so far beyond that.

Hey guys, I was wondering now that everything's out in the open, you know, there's a lot of tabloids and social media, and people that have opinions. How do you guys avoid that, and just try to focus on yourselves?

Andi: You know, we're good at focusing on ourselves. I mean we've got a lot going on between the two of us, which is great. But we really just decided to take the high road, and focus on the positive people, and the people that are showing support. You know, it's so easy to get bogged down in some of the negativity, and we've just decided to turn the other cheek and go for the positive route.

Andi, you were surprisingly very composed when you dumped Nick, as you had gotten seemingly much more emotional when eliminating like say Cody or Chris. I guess could you talk about that a little bit?

And also, you know, you said that you let Nick go before the rose ceremony because you had so much respect for him, so I guess did you lose any of that respect after the final rose special, in which he disclosed personal information?

Andi: I mean I think everyone is probably in agreeance that it probably wasn't the most tasteful route that Nick chose to go after the final rose, but you know, it doesn't negate the relationship that I had with him, which was one out of respect. And it was just as emotionally hard, I think, sending each and every guy home. Obviously the timing of it is different, but they're all hard, they're all hard to send home.

I saw you on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" this morning, and saw that you guys had been sneaking visits in Atlanta. Have you discovered any mutual acquaintances that you have in Atlanta, and without the show, would you have possibly met each other?

Andi: You know, well we haven't really discovered a lot of acquaintances, but it's funny, we talk about whether or not we would have met each other outside of the show. And it's like on one hand, you think no, it would have been too crazy, but on the other hand, like maybe it was fate, and maybe we would have met each other had the show not have happened. I guess we'll never know though.

Andi, it's not uncommon to kiss a lot of frogs on this show. Do you have any kisser's remorse after watching yourself?

Andi: I really didn't kiss that many people in comparison. Like I can honestly say I kissed the guys that I had - close your ears, Josh. I kissed the guys that I had, you know, relationships with. I wasn't just handing them out like free goodies on Halloween, so I thought I did (inaudible) that department.

Andi, do you have any plans to going back into law, or are you going to take, you know, some of the Bachelorettes will go into other things.

Andi: I definitely have intentions on going back to law. You know, I'm pretty newly - I'm a new attorney, I haven't been doing it for that long, and not even close to burnt out, so definitely something I worked hard for, definitely something I'm proud of, and something that I'm ready to get back to soon.

Who do you think should be the next Bachelor?

Andi: Well, from my season, I think Josh and I are both rooting for Chris. I mean he is a genuine guy, and I think you've seen the whole time, and especially last night, what a class act he is. So I think we're definitely on team Chris for Bachelor.

Josh: Yes, Chris is the only one possible, really, from our season, to be honest right now.

The only one?

Josh: Well that's left ...

Andi: Our favorite, yes, our favorite.

Josh: Our favorite, yes. The ones that aren't on "Bachelor in Paradise," and all that other stuff.

Andi, a follow up to that work question, did you quit your job? I had read you had, or were you on leave, and you're planning to go back to that job?

Andi: Well, I was on leave, and obviously, you know, doing all the promotion for the show I couldn't extend my leave, didn't think that would be fair to anybody. So I kind of, you know, resigned, but definitely left it in a good place, and something that I can go back to.

What did you think - what was going through your mind when you watched Nick kind of calling Andi out like that, regarding the ...

Josh: Yes, well the thing is, I didn't even see that. I was backstage getting ready to see my beautiful fiancée, and make the night about us, and not Nick, so I didn't even see any of that, nor do I care to see that.

OK, afterwards, were you just boiling inside, or what was - you know, how were you feeling when you - when you heard that he had done that to her? Because that was pretty low of him.

Josh: Yes, to be honest, it was very, you know, classless and disrespectful, and he's - it just shows the type of person that he really is. And I don't associate myself with those kind of people, and neither does Andi, so it's nice that that's over with now, and really he's of no concern to us or our lives.

BWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to BACHELORETTE Couple Andi & JoshPatti Murin: This question is for Andi. Andi, I loved so many of your fashion choices ...

Andi: Thanks.

Patti Murin: They were a little bit of a risky departure from some of the other Bachelorettes, and I was a really big fan of it, and I was wondering how you went about picking each dress, you know, who your stylist was, if you had a stylist, how much input you had.

Andi: I did have a stylist, Cary Fetman, who I am forever grateful for my fabulous wardrobe. But we had so much fun. I am definitely a girly girl, and we had tons of fittings and tried on different dresses.

And you know, we really picked each outfit according to the date, and the weather, and the place, and honestly it was one of my favorite things about the show, other than Josh of course, but I loved the (bach), and that was like the girl in me that got to do that, that was a once in a lifetime thing.

Patti Murin: Great. You looked beautiful, and ...

Andi: Thank you.

Patti Murin: Josh, you looked great as well.

Josh: Thank you very much.

Andi: He's not too bad to look at.

Josh: Thank you.

When you do start making wedding plans, do you think you guys would enjoy having your wedding televised?

Andi: I mean I think it would be fun. We're definitely open to it, you know. We are fun and open with each other, so if there happens to be a camera there, then there happens to be a camera there, but we're going to have a fun wedding regardless.

Andi, when you talked to Nick, and you were letting him down, and you said it will be all right, did you look at it later and realize when Juan Pablo said, "It's OK, it's OK," and understand more why he just said that?

Andi: Well there's a difference between saying it's OK when someone's trying to voice their expressions and emotions, and it being a cut off, versus a kind of, you know, encouragement, I guess you could say. I was trying to encourage, that it's going to be all right, like everything will work out for a reason, not cutting off someone's feelings. So there's a difference to me.

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