Staying Fit While Staying In
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BWW Exclusive: Daily #MobilityMinute with Mark Fisher Fitness Trainer Harold Gibbons- The Seated Hip Switch!

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While the entire world is in the process of shutting down, many people are trying to figure out what to do to maintain an exercise practice and be physically active while sheltering in place. Your fitness doesn't have to hit PAUSE, so we're teaming up with Mark Fisher Fitness and Harold Gibbons to offer you a series of daily stretches and daily activity, called the #MobilityMinute.

Mark Fisher Fitness's Steward of Strength Harold Gibbons is here to show you a simple stretch to help free up your hips during busy days of sitting and sheltering. The intention here is to keep things fluid by giving your leg bones a chance to rotate within your pelvis as freely as possible, literally lubricating the ball-and-socket joints of your hips. Start in that simple 90/90 position, and pivot around your heels and across your sit bones to switch sides. 60 seconds of this should feel like a great way to move through positions that traditional stretches won't have opened us up to.

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