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BWW College Guide - Everything You Need to Know About University of Southern California in 2019/2020

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Oct. 8, 2019  
BWW College Guide - Everything You Need to Know About University of Southern California in 2019/2020

With college theatre program auditions just around the corner, we're highlighting some of the country's most prestigious theatre programs and chatting with the schools' faculty to give you insight into what to expect from their programs, from audition advice to real world experience and more. Today we're looking at the University of Southern California's School of Dramatic Arts. Check out info on the school and answers about their program below!

The USC School of Dramatic Arts is a leader in dramatic arts education. The School uniquely blends artistic training in a conservatory environment with outstanding faculty and the full academic experience found only within a major research university. This close-knit, supportive environment offers students the freedom to explore their artistic passions. Through programs of the highest caliber, as well as initiatives that provide access to professional experience, students are prepared for leadership in every facet of dramatic arts. The School's active production program, with more than 20 shows annually, utilizes four theatre facilities. The School encourages students to gain professional experience and academic credit through internships and has created partnerships with many professional companies.

What is the audition process for performing arts majors?

BFA Acting for Stage, Screen & New Media involves a live audition in New York, NY; Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. For BFA in Musical Theatre, we require a Pre-Screen of materials and then a small number of students will be invited to our Callback in Los Angeles, CA

What tips can you offer to auditioning students?

Be genuine and thoughtful with your pieces. Highlight your skillset, while at the same time be clear of why you are looking to pursue a conservatory-style program. Do research on the school to see if the curricular grid matches your interest and if you submit a video - watch it before you submit it.

What is the approximate average class size within an arts major?


Any notable alumni you would like to mention?

Patrick J. Adams; Troian Bellisario; Beck Bennett; Todd Black; LeVar Burton; Tate Donovan; Anthony Edwards; Ryan Eggold; Daryl Hannah; Briga Heelan; Grant Heslov; Swoosie Kurtz; Alexander Ludwig; John Ritter; Jon Rudnitsky; Stark Sands; James Snyder; Eric Stoltz; Danny Strong; Forest Whitaker

Do you see more students interested in working on stage or off?

Our students find an interest in both. The training is focused for the stage while also preparing them for the transition to t.v., film and new media.

What kind of real world experience outside of the classroom do you offer students during their program?

Our program exists in a research University that pairs a students interest in their professional training with a very traditional college experience. This, along with our location in Los Angeles, offers students a unique and exciting experience to gain real world experience.

What kinds of things does your school do for students to help them succeed after graduation?

Our training is focused on ensuring that students are exposed to a wide variety of opportunities for them to enhance their skillset. In addition, we offer a Career Center that is aimed to support this particular development and this resources extends to one year beyond graduation.

How do you keep your program as relevant as possible to the current industry trends and how have you modernized it in recent years?

Through our partnerships across the USC campus, our location in Los Angeles and through the efforts of our forward-thinking faculty, we have been able to create an environment that is adaptable to the changing trends of theatre, film and television while still reinforcing the classical model of theatre training.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your school and its programs?

In addition to our conservatory-style programs, we offer Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs that allow students to fulfill their interest in theatre while pairing it with a research/professional discipline across our campus.

Be sure to apply to the University of Southern California's School of Dramatic Arts here:

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