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BWW Blog: Why Theatre Production Students Should Try an Acting Class

BWW Blog: Why Theatre Production Students Should Try an Acting Class

If you're a theatre production student, you might be more comfortable spending hours working on a show behind the scenes then performing on stage in front of an audience. Some people prefer production, some prefer acting, and some dabble in each! However, if you haven't yet tried acting you should consider it!

I am taking a beginning acting class this semester. It is my first time trying acting since elementary school. I do technical theatre at my school, but for years I had wondered what it would be like to try acting again. While I still prefer theatre production, I have learned a lot this semester.

Most people are familiar with actors. We think we know what it takes; the actors are given a script to memorize, and then they recite it onstage as realistically as possible. Often, it is assumed that people are naturally good or bad at acting, and that little work is required to act in a production.

In my acting class, we have learned that actors must consider much more then whether they can memorize a script. Actors must analyze the script carefully, picking up on objectives and reading between the lines. Playing a character can require extensive research, reexamining how one carries oneself, and practicing an accent. Actors consider how they interact with others on stage, and must be ready to use improv should anything go wrong during the performance.

Just as theatre production students may wish that the actors could step into their shoes for a while during tech week, they should try out acting to get a better understanding of what is possible onstage and more appreciation for their actor peers. Additionally, one can pick up new skills that can be applied outside of the theatre, like public speaking. All theatre jobs have challenges, and understanding what it is like to work in another part of the theatre can help us in the decisions that we make in our own roles.

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