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BWW Blog: The Importance of High School Theatre

BWW Blog: The Importance of High School Theatre

High school is a time of self-discovery.

I think I can speak for all theatre kids when I say, High School, would've been awfully dreadful if we didn't have our school plays. From the actors to the techies. A community that is strong and full of love.

In the moment, creating a new production which is underfunded was draining. But I can honestly say, those long weekends of working on tech, carrying lights to see if they work, figuring out how to change the bulb; figuring out which bulbs were working and standing under a ladder to make sure there were no deaths are my favourite memories from being in my school's Tech Crew for five years.

School productions were never supported in the way school sports were. But I feel like that lack of attention made what we did that more fun and memorable. Besides the fact we had the most incredible drama teacher, tech mentor and director, David Fick made us lucky to have chosen theatre.

I speak on behalf of all the students who have had a Mr Fick in their lives. A teacher who is able to encourage your dreams and mentor you through your toughest years as a teenager while still being able to hold authority and give you that banter you secretly live for. Having a teacher like that, is what makes high school a time of self-discovery.

If I hadn't discovered Tech Crew, if I hadn't signed up to do school plays, house plays and everything in-between, I wouldn't have become the person I am today. I probably would still be hiding in my shell; I might not have gotten out of high school.

When you figure out your passion sometimes, you're unsure. But I've known for a long time that I belong in the theatre community but I never felt at home or alive on stage but the second I sat in the tech box for my first show. The excitement was incomparable.

The importance of High School Theatre is for people like me to discover their passion. High School Theatre gives you the opportunity to be creative whether you are or not. It allows you not only to become someone else but it gives you the chance to design a character's wardrobe, a backdrop or even discover the importance of lighting.

If it's your passion, there'll be a moment where you just stop and are in awe of what you're doing. I remember my moment. I was in grade 11 and we were doing a musical. It was the night of our final dress rehearsal and the sound guy was explaining how the head mics would work. Instead of entrusting the head of tech crew with the job, Mr Fick turned to face me and told the entire cast,

"That's Caiti, she is your go to for mics be nice to her because she's in charge backstage."

At that moment, I knew my hard work was worth it and I knew that this passion for theatre was something I could do. I have never forgotten that experience. That moment in life where someone who I was once scared of entrusted me with his production. Although I didn't do that show without help. The cast were amazing to me and I had a dear friend assisting me backstage for the run of the show but having that trust placed on you by your mentor without any warning, is a confidence booster.

I have learnt more by being thrown into the deep end with that production than I have with any other production I had done prior. So, here's to all the high school drama teachers, who have inspired thousands. Your influence will never be erased.

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