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BWW Blog: Happy Thanksgiving! On Break? Come Visit Pace!

BWW Blog: Happy Thanksgiving! On Break? Come Visit Pace!

I just registered for my upper sophomore classes. I didn't realize how fast everything is going! I remember being a senior in high school and applying to all the schools I had on my list. Pace was my top choice and now I'm almost halfway through with my college career. The time goes by really fast. If you're in New York City for any of the holiday festivities or if you're just here doing tourist things, come visit Pace and see if the school is right for you!

During my junior year of high school, I visited Pace during my Thanksgiving break. I was told in high school that I should start visiting schools so I know where I want to apply in my senior year. That first visit became one of many. I think I visited Pace four times before I got accepted and started attending full time.

Next fall I'm going to be a junior. I have a major and a minor. I've met amazing professors that I always visit when I can. Sometimes I think about what would have happened if I didn't go to Pace. Say I had gone to Marymount Manhattan or Montclair State. Would things have turned out the same? Would my character be the same? Some things in college have just been one big character-building exercise. I've changed and grown as a person since starting at Pace. I can't help myself from thinking about the other roads less traveled.

Visiting colleges is so important during high school. I didn't think it would be important, but I realized that seeing a school in person really impacts your decision. It's a feeling you get. I can't even describe it. You know the school is right for you when you step on campus, when you can see yourself being there and part of the student body. I got that feeling when I toured Pace for the first time. I visited other schools on my list, but I always kept coming back to Pace.

Is college a great table conversation? It depends. I was able to talk about my college decisions freely. I have a great support system that I'm really grateful for. I know some people don't have the support system I have. Some people might not even have college on their minds. I know family conversations can be the worst, especially if you celebrate the holidays together. I always find that conversation is easier over food since attention is divided between eating and listening.

Even if you don't celebrate turkey day, come visit if you have days off! It's the perfect way to enjoy the city and also get college visitations done! It truly impacts your decision and a highly suggest it if you're able to. Do something productive and then do something fun like seeing the holiday windows!

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