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BWW Blog: Construction, Careers, and Change

BWW Blog: Construction, Careers, and Change

Thanksgiving break is over and just like that it's finals season! The break before finals is always like a taste of winter break. You don't realize how much you needed the rest until it's snatched away from you until Christmas. I didn't necessarily come back from break rested and recharged, but I did come back ready to work. The day I came back was the first time I had visited all of the campus buildings in one day!

First thing I noticed was the construction had cleared up considerably. Pace has been under construction since forever and I never thought I would see the front entrance again. When I crossed the street and saw glass doors, I became so excited! There was a tentative completion date this month but it moved to December. I've been looking forward to the new student spaces that will open soon. They'll be done just in time for finals! Pace's construction plan is in phases with everything being done in 2020 (maybe).

When I came back from break I really wanted to see career services. I've been trying to become market ready so I can hopefully get some internships before my junior year. It's really competitive in theatre and even though it's mostly about who you know, I still wanted to make sure I'm qualified for whatever internship I apply for. I'm nearly halfway through my college career and I had never been to career services. I was nervous for whatever reason. My resumé is required to be approved before applying to internships through Pace. I've been applying through things elsewhere, but Pace has a large database especially for business students. It's all so exciting!

After career services I had my own personal work to do in the library. My one-time side hustle included placing a few orders in time for the holiday season. I also edited my resumé since the corrections and advice were fresh in my mind. It was a busy day for me considering I didn't do much over the break. I slept many hours. I also went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet which I highly recommend, but that's beside the point.

I'm very grateful that I feel prepared for finals (knock on wood). I have projects due, essays to write, and whatever else decides to pop up. I'm surprised that I'm not stressed over finals like I was for midterms. Maybe I'm actually stressed and my brain is tricking me. Either way I'm ready for finals to be done with so I can go on winter break. BroadwayCon, which is my favorite event, happens during the break so I'm looking forward to that as well. Even though there is so much work now, there is also so much for me to look forward to. Things are happening and progressing. Change is good. I'm very excited.

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