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Anna Kendrick Comments On Hit Status Of 'Cups' From PITCH PERFECT & INTO THE WOODS

Anna Kendrick Comments On Hit Status Of 'Cups' From PITCH PERFECT & INTO THE WOODSRising screen superstar Anna Kendrick started out on the Broadway stage and discusses the international hit status of her PITCH PERFECT movie musical breakout single "Cups" as well as looks ahead to her role as Cinderella in the stage-to-screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's INTO THE WOODS as part of a new interview.

Kendrick keeps herself in check when referencing the ubiquitous PITCH PERFECT breakout hit, sharing, "The phrase 'It was cute at first' has been said a lot."

Additionally, Kendrick opines of people's willingness to offer their own rendition of the tricky musical routine, "They tell me they can do it - and then desperately look around. Because there's never a cup around. I'm like, 'I believe you, girl!'"

Plus, addressing how she herself compares to her cinematic counterpart in INTO THE WOODS, Cinderella, Kendrick candidly states, "Okay, here's the thing, since I've now had to explore that character... The actual story, the Brothers Grimm story, is of a girl who is beaten and abused by her family who is supposed to love her... and then gets a shot to maybe meet a dude. So, for me, that's not really the same as just being a normal person."

Kendrick concludes, "I would say the closest I ever come to feeling like Cinderella is when I'm at an awards show, and people compliment my dress or jewelry. I'm like, 'None of this is mine... It all goes back in the morning.'"

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