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I'm a Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here! show poster

I'm a Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here! at Migration Museum

Dates: (2/17/2024 - 3/17/2024 )


Migration Museum

SpudPuppy Productions

Adelaide,South Australia 5000

Tickets: $18-25

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Escape from the Scientorous Rex, be slurped up by a prehistoric caveman, and hurtled towards the 21st century! I’m a Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here! is a silly sketch comedy adventure through time. Imagine Aunty Donna blended with the charisma of an all-female trio, topped up with wholesome family fun, and garnished with a big sprig of inspiration! For ages 5 10, and parents too!

“A fun, educational caper with heart... packs a punch!” – PLAY AND GO

DID YOU KNOW that there has never been more or less water on the planet? What has it seen? Where has it been? Join raindrops Reef, Rocio and Millie on an adventure through time. But be warned! The climate is changing; can you help the trio to spread an ever-important message? This South Australian premier is for a jam-packed hour of singing, dancing, comedy, and education - enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

"Outstanding and innovative" Broden Kelly, Aunty Donna

SpudPuppy Productions create and craft theatrical, silly, transformative experiences that
educate, enlighten, and entertain audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Steph, Nic and Tess
are on a mission to touch hearts, expand minds, and inspire change. Their productions are
designed to bridge generations, abilities, and access requirements, ensuring that everyone has a
seat in their enchanting world.

“Fantastic show and brought up some very important conversations afterwards” – PARENT

“I LOVED the dinosaurs!” – OLLIE, 7

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