Miserable broadway casting?

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Miserable broadway casting?
Posted: 10/25/13 at 05:52am
I'm sure most of us have read the casting announcement for the Broadway revival of Les Mis.

I'll disclose that I rather like all four announced cast members and would go and see this production.

However the Broadway board has a tonne of hate directed at Ramin Karimloo. That surprised me.

Okay I may be biased having seen him in Sunset Boulevard, Miss Saigon and the Phantoms. But I quite like what he does. I'm guessing our American brethern are judging him based on his 25th anniversary performance of Enjolras?

Anyone else want to illuminate this one? I find him a dependable and impressive leading man along with Hadley Fraser, Earl Carpenter etc.
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Miserable broadway casting?
Posted: 10/25/13 at 07:08am
meh, all online forums have people who hate and moan so no real surprise

I personally think Ramin is a really exciting performer, and a strong musical theatre actor. The acting side is so often overlooked, being able to belt out a song does not an actor make. For me its his lack of training and slightly raw sound that I like. He is the only one who has ever made me care about the Phantom and not overact it. And give me Ramin over Alfie 'dead eyes' Boe.

I think its a strong cast so far, even though im not a fan of Cassie
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Miserable broadway casting?
Posted: 10/25/13 at 07:19am
I've loved Ramin in everything I've seen him in (or heard him sing). I did not get to see him in Les Mis at the Queens - hoping that I can get to New York next year and see his Valjean there!

I also adore Caissee! Her vocals are mind-blowing. Will be worth the trip across the Atlantic just to hear her sing I Dreamed A Dream.
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Miserable broadway casting?
Posted: 10/25/13 at 10:18am
I don't like Ramin because he frequently doesn't sing in tune - loud and with a pleasant tone yes, but not always the right notes. Parts of the Phantom concert were not particularly enjoyable for me as a result. That's it, really - he was okay in Phantom when I saw him live (long before LND etc.) but he's not a performer that excites me and his singing isn't always great.

It's also a bit dull for him to be doing Broadway coming off his stints in London and Toronto; it would have been nice to have someone who hadn't played the role before, but I guess that's Cameron Mackintosh casting for you.

The rest of the casting, however, is all good. Caissie could dream that dream in her sleep after all the practice she got being woebegotten in Ghost; Will Swenson is ace and has the right gravitas; Nikki James is trading down from Nabalungi but I'm sure she'll be smashing.
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Miserable broadway casting?
Posted: 10/25/13 at 11:01am
As an American who prefers to frequent this board over the Broadway board, I'm personally very excited about Ramin's casting. I've been quite the fan of his since the O2 concert of Les Mis, even if his Enjolras wasn't portrayed ideally. I love his voice, I think he's a great actor who makes some interesting and unique choices, and I'm very, very anxious to finally get to see him live and in his Broadway debut.
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Miserable broadway casting?
Posted: 10/25/13 at 08:08pm
The fact that he sings an entire song without hitting 1 note really disturbs me. He is always above the note and sounds so forced and hysterical that it becomes a parody on musical theatre. He should learn from the masters like John owen Jones and Anthony Warlow. Truthful singing comes with relaxed vocal chords and silky undertones. Not from screaming and hollering.


Not 1 note is on key.


The word "secretly" is supposed to be on the note: D. All 3 syllables.
Mister Karimloo makes up his own tune F, F#, G all three times? So the first note is already 2 notes higher than supposed to be, and the 2nd and third note are 5 notes higher, and it happens evey time he sings the word. How did he come up with this melody? Too bad the whole song is unrecognizable.

Updated On: 10/25/13 at 08:08 PM
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Miserable broadway casting?
Posted: 10/27/13 at 08:18pm
I'd almost always advocate singing the actual note - cause a good writer has a reason for the character to sing such notes.

But this is ALW. And its all those bits of endless recit. No wonder Ramin did something else to find some truth. Either that or he didn't pay attention when being taught the melody

Seriously though if he was singing his own melody for the big songs then fine but this? Really?


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