BWW Interviews: ROCKY HORROR's Oliver Thornton and Roxanne Pallett

It was only really when we went in front of the audience that I felt the pressure again!

What was that like?

I had an idea of what it would be like from Priscilla, which was an audience-based show. It takes time to get used to it, but you quickly adapt to it, and then it feels strange when you have a quieter show. The important thing to remember is that fans do their shout-outs because they love the show, it's not from malice - and they want you to love the show as well, and then it becomes really good fun. Sometimes you get someone who's had one wine too many, and they shout something daft, and then we can answer them back - or at least Philip Franks, who's the narrator, can.

As Frank, you have the leeway to use a sharply-raised eyebrow, though, in the right circumstances...

Chris [Christopher Luscombe, the director] wanted me to not actually answer back - so yes, it's a look more than words. You want to come back with something sharp and witty, but it does halt the intention of the scene. There's maybe a little less interaction than in previous productions; we wanted to get back to the story and give Rocky Horror an integrity again. if it becomes a panto, it does the show a disservice. The fans have responded to that. I think we've achieved something fresh and new - 40 years on. I'm really proud.

Roxanne Pallett and Oliver Thornton star in the 40th anniversary production of The Rocky Horror Show, currently on a UK tour.

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