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SOUND OFF: GLEE Sings SondheimSOUND OFF: GLEE Sings Sondheim
by Pat Cerasaro - April 9, 2014

What, dare say, is “the ultimate musical theatre challenge”? Well, Sondheim, that is! Otherwise known as the greatest living musical theatre dramatist and the subject of this week's GLEE - FOLLIES to SWEENEY TODD and INTO THE WOODS. And, touching, timely and terrific tribute it was. (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE Goes Downtown, All The Way To NYCSOUND OFF: GLEE Goes Downtown, All The Way To NYC
by Pat Cerasaro - April 2, 2014

A new dawn. A new day. Best day? Best episode in… forever! GLEE made the official move to the Big Apple with this week's ep and with it came a revitalized, fresh new tone, style and locale while still providing some sensational musical sequences as we have come to expect - except now, in a whole new milieu. FUNNY GIRL, too! (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE 100 - The Sequel!SOUND OFF: GLEE 100 - The Sequel!
by Pat Cerasaro - March 26, 2014

Last night's second part of the celebratory 100th episode, titled “New Directions”, written and directed by co-creator Brad Falchuk, delivered a recognizable vibe and welcome feeling of the first season of the show - as is all too apt considering the series is transitioning before our very eyes and ears to a predominantly New York City-set storyline. McKinley Goodbyes! (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE 100! The Original Ten ReturnSOUND OFF: GLEE 100! The Original Ten Return
by Pat Cerasaro - March 19, 2014

The Beatles once sang, 'You say goodbye / I say hello,' and so it goes with the gang on FOX's hit musical dramedy GLEE - new beginnings; new endings; and, well, New Directions, too. GLEE's '100' episode reunited the original crew - minus, of course, the tragically deceased Cory Monteith, who played headlining football hero Finn and who was paid elegant tribute with grace and class both last week and this week in his absence - with the addition of the new gleeks added in the ensuing seasons. While many of the new stars never managed to capture the lighting in a bottle that the originals commanded, it is undeniable that they each provided their own special spice in the GLEE stew and a handful broke out to considerable prominence on Broadway and beyond, particularly in the case of Darren Criss aka Blaine. Nonetheless, what made us all fall in love with GLEE in the first place, lo, more than five seasons ago, was that original recipe - and it's still as savory, spicy, sweet and mouth-watering as ever, as last night's spectacular celebratory entry showcased in spades; and hearts, too. But, yet, we are forced to ask: is this the end or the beginning? (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE Across AmericaSOUND OFF: GLEE Across America
by Pat Cerasaro - March 12, 2014

U2... Neil Diamond... The Go-Gos... Randy Newman... OneRepublic... Styx! What do these things have in common? Well, GLEE's trip to LA, of course! Plus, a truly rockin' 'More Than A Feeling' (Boston) too - in every imaginable way and, well, more! All things considered, what other Primetime TV show has 'Obscure Broadway to Queen at a moment's notice'?! (more...)
SOUND OFF: 2013 BroadwayWorld Cabaret AwardsSOUND OFF: 2013 BroadwayWorld Cabaret Awards
by Pat Cerasaro - March 10, 2014

Last month, BroadwayWorld was privileged to present not one, but two exceptional entertainment experiences to continue the year-long celebration of our 10th anniversary begun with the simply spectacular BROADWAYWORLD.COM VISITS OZ in January, first with the 2013 BroadwayWorld Cabaret Awards on Sunday, February 23, and next with FLY: A TRIBUTE TO DAMON INTRABARTOLO on Monday, February 24. Today we recount the Cabaret Awards. (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE Goes Three WaysSOUND OFF: GLEE Goes Three Ways
by Pat Cerasaro - March 5, 2014

Gloria! GLEE is nearing graduation season, complete with senior flings, faculty faux pas and Fat Tuesday-befitting festivities on the NYC side of the show, as well. Last night's ep gave us some major '80s gems, '90s lite rockers, '00 anthems and even an obscure '60s tune, too, showing the dependable diversity of not only the music but the general themes of the one and only hit musical dramedy series in history. Heart to The Supremes to Simple Minds, Wilson Phillips and Destiny's Child - it was a delight. (more...)
SOUND OFF: 12 Years, Bigger & Longer - The 2014 OscarsSOUND OFF: 12 Years, Bigger & Longer - The 2014 Oscars
by Pat Cerasaro - March 3, 2014

The 2014 Academy Awards telecast was lovely, lengthy and a generally low-key affair, filled with more than a few buzz-worthy moments worth a replay or two as well as some spectacular song sequences, too - as would be expected from two noted and similarly Oscar-winning producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. Ellen Degeneres delivered on the humor as expected, if not surpassing expectations in doing more than merely decently, whereas the winners themselves were generally smart and savvy choices, all said - 12 YEARS A SLAVE and DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB nabbing many top awards. Plus, FROZEN took home a well-earned trophy or two and its sensational lead Idina Menzel was responsible for not only the performance of the night - a Swarovski explosion of epic proportions, with vocals to match - but also the viral video, too, byway of John Travolta's unfortunate faux pas introduction mispronouncing the Broadway superstar's name. Oops, Oohs, Ahhs, and, well, OZ, the 2014 Oscars fulfilled its promise of entertaining, if perhaps overstaying its welcome - yet, who would want to sacrifice those fabulous speeches; or anything else, for that matter? Everyone got their moment - but maybe just a moment or two too many. (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE Returns With FUNNY GIRL, Fights & 'Frenemies'SOUND OFF: GLEE Returns With FUNNY GIRL, Fights & 'Frenemies'
by Pat Cerasaro - February 26, 2014

Light the lights! FOX's hit musical dramedy series returned after a long midseason hiatus last night - and how! To cite an especially adored and incredibly iconic Jule Styne score, GYPSY, the fights, fits, feuds and some gigantic egos were on display - and it was an episode fit for Madame Rose - but the focus was really on Styne's other iconic diva showcase, FUNNY GIRL. Let the parade begin... again! (more...)
FLASH SPECIAL: A Colorful & Romantic Winter Skate On SWAN LAKE On 2/20FLASH SPECIAL: A Colorful & Romantic Winter Skate On SWAN LAKE On 2/20
by Pat Cerasaro - February 14, 2014

Today we are highlighting clips from a flight of fancy celebrated for over 150 years - Tchaikovsky's classic SWAN LAKE. (more...)
SOUND OFF Special Edition: 2014 Super Bowl Rockets Us To Mars, With Diva DynamiteSOUND OFF Special Edition: 2014 Super Bowl Rockets Us To Mars, With Diva Dynamite
by Pat Cerasaro - February 3, 2014

The 2014 Super Bowl match-up between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks may have been plagued by some bizarre play-by-plays and off-the-wall athletic antics, yet the real spectacle lied in the performances by Renee Fleming, Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers - yes, that sentence now exists and that unlikely combination indeed was presented. (more...)
SOUND OFF: Andrew Lloyd Webber's Kinky & Kooky STEPHEN WARD Is OrgiasticSOUND OFF: Andrew Lloyd Webber's Kinky & Kooky STEPHEN WARD Is Orgiastic
by Pat Cerasaro - January 13, 2014

'I invented a new way of life / Some may call it unconventional,' the wax figure of society osteopath Stephen Ward come to life croons dramatically at the start of Andrew Lloyd Webber's newest musical, the historically-informed period piece STEPHEN WARD, and, from the man who made a mint on dancing cats, operatic phantoms and larger-than-life divas (Eva, Mary Magdalene and Norma Desmond included), such surprising theatrical flourish is damn near expected. Undoubtedly, though, STEPHEN WARD shows solid proof that the man who made many of the most popular and ubiquitous musicals of all time still has some spectacular scores left in him - and, without any doubt whatsoever, STEPHEN WARD is one of them. (more...)
FLASH SPECIAL: What Are You Doing New Year's Day?FLASH SPECIAL: What Are You Doing New Year's Day?
by Pat Cerasaro - January 1, 2014

Today we are taking a look at a sensational seasonal showstopper by one of Broadway's best songwriters, Frank Loesser, performed by a line-up of legendary greats sure to start your 2014 off on the right foot - and left! (more...)
SOUND OFF: 2013 Holiday Gift GuideSOUND OFF: 2013 Holiday Gift Guide
by Pat Cerasaro - December 19, 2013

Today, we are spotlighting the absolute must-haves for the Broadway baby on Santa's shopping list - all of the very best theatre-related music, movies, events and more - well, at least sixteen or seventeen of them… (more...)
SOUND OFF: THE SOUND OF MUSIC Live On NBC Is Dynamically DivineSOUND OFF: THE SOUND OF MUSIC Live On NBC Is Dynamically Divine
by Pat Cerasaro - December 6, 2013

Today we are highlighting a few of the many memorable moments on last night's unprecedented live TV broadcast of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, starring Carrie Underwood - Carrie's simply tremendous star turn through to Audra McDonald's awe-inspiring 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain', Laura Benanti's inspired Baroness and a tear-jerking Stephen Moyer and collective clan, plus more. (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE's Scandalous Spin On Santa & The SupremesSOUND OFF: GLEE's Scandalous Spin On Santa & The Supremes
by Pat Cerasaro - December 6, 2013

Today, in honor of the holiday-centric winter finale of Season Five of FOX's hit musical dramedy series GLEE, we are checking off the top twelve reasons to celebrate GLEE beneath the Christmas tree this year - complete with shirtless Santas, erotic elves and drunken eggnog debauchery. (more...)
SOUND OFF: Twelve Reasons To Be Thankful For GLEESOUND OFF: Twelve Reasons To Be Thankful For GLEE
by Pat Cerasaro - November 29, 2013

Today we are counting down twelve very valid reasons why Glee is something to be thankful for this holiday season, particularly last night's wacky Thanksgiving episode - Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato and 'What Does The Fox Say?' included! (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE's Billy Joel Tribute, With HonestySOUND OFF: GLEE's Billy Joel Tribute, With Honesty
by Pat Cerasaro - November 22, 2013

Innocence and honesty - two words inextricably linked to two classic Billy Joel songs covered on last night's most recent entry in the fifth season of FOX's musical dramedy hit Glee as well as the undoubted hallmarks of the episode itself. And, Tyra Banks, too! (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE Sees Blurred Lines, The End Of Twerking & FUNNY GIRLSOUND OFF: GLEE Sees Blurred Lines, The End Of Twerking & FUNNY GIRL
by Pat Cerasaro - November 15, 2013

A parental advisory warning preceded this week's GLEE and it went the distance in justifying it via spicy and sexy takes on twerking, 'Blurred Lines' and other pop culture quirks - tattoos included. But, as always, GLEE puts the 'werk' in twerk. (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE's Fabulous Feud Featuring Katy Perry & Lady GagaSOUND OFF: GLEE's Fabulous Feud Featuring Katy Perry & Lady Gaga
by Pat Cerasaro - November 8, 2013

Pitting two of the most influential and instrumental pop culture icons of modern music against one another, GLEE's 'A Katy Or A Gaga', written by Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner, directed by Ian Brennan, was a welcome return for the series following the short hiatus following the third episode of the season and the last time we ventured to the halls of McKinley High with the Cory Monteith tribute episode. So, with which pop superstar do your affections actually reside at the end of the day - Katy Perry or Lady Gaga? After all, that's what this week's ep was all about! Well, that and the debut of guest star Adam Lambert! (more...)
SOUND OFF: Witchy Women & Damned Divas Ignite AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN - LuPone, Ebersole, Rabe, Lange, Paulson, Etc.SOUND OFF: Witchy Women & Damned Divas Ignite AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN - LuPone, Ebersole, Rabe, Lange, Paulson, Etc.
by Pat Cerasaro - October 24, 2013

Hell nearly froze over - or, perhaps we should we say burned brighter than ever before - as a result of the sheer, stupefying, awe-inspiring array of major theatre stars populating FX's hit horror anthology series AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN last night. Given the legendary leading ladies lighting up the night, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: TONY AWARDS is more like it! (more...)
SOUND OFF: GLEE's Devastating Cory Monteith DedicationSOUND OFF: GLEE's Devastating Cory Monteith Dedication
by Pat Cerasaro - October 11, 2013

“If there's one thing I've learned from Finn dying it's that shame is a wasted emotion,” Kurt (Chris Colfer) eloquently asserted mid-way through last night's unfortunately unavoidable and unabashedly emotional address of the passing of prominent GLEE cast member Cory Monteith, who portrayed star quarterback Finn Hudson on the series for its entire run until this year - and, unashamed was GLEE in its tribute to the fallen young star. And, unforgettable, as well. (more...)
WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE! GLEE Tributes Cory Monteith With RENT's 'Seasons Of Love'WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE! GLEE Tributes Cory Monteith With RENT's 'Seasons Of Love'
by Pat Cerasaro - October 6, 2013

Today, BroadwayWorld is thrilled to host the world premiere exclusive first listen to the full performance of a classic song from the Pulitzer Prize-winning rock musical RENT as performed by the accomplished cast of Glee in trubute to fallen real-life Glee headliner Cory Monteith, with a spirited and soulful rendition of the iconic 'Seasons Of Love'. (more...)
SOUND OFF: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely GLEE Club Band, With Demi LovatoSOUND OFF: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely GLEE Club Band, With Demi Lovato
by Pat Cerasaro - October 4, 2013

Demi Lovato! The Beatles! Junior-Senior BundleProm! Tina… in the sky with diamonds! The sights and sounds of GLEE's second S5 ep were somewhat slight in the grand scheme of the show but wholly satisfying all the same, introducing an amusing frippery of a show written and directed by co-created Ian Brennan acting as a joyous appetizer before the dramatic and tragic events of next week's tribute to real-life fallen GLEE star Cory Monteith arrives. But, first, GLEE does The Beatles, Side B: Rubber Soul. Plus, let it be she: Rachel (Lea Michele) landed the role of Fanny in FUNNY GIRL! (more...)
SOUND OFF: Let It GLEE! Season Five Premiere & Bonus BeatlesSOUND OFF: Let It GLEE! Season Five Premiere & Bonus Beatles
by Pat Cerasaro - September 27, 2013

GLEE is back! Season Five of the TV's biggest and best musical series to date kicked off in a big, big way - with a big, big show that would have made Ed Sullivan blush. Ladies and gentlemen: The Beatles! (more...)

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